The American Odyssey Series Book 1

Step into a post-apocalyptic America ravaged by an unprecedented storm and follow Jack, an ex-military prepper, in his battle for survival.

A massive storm like no other plunges America into chaos.

Jack Stride, an Afghanistan war veteran, believed he had left behind the horrors of war.

As a single father, he was preparing for his son's return to school. Little did he know that a storm of unprecedented magnitude would plunge him back into a battle for survival.

Thanks to Jack's prepper lifestyle, he has a special shelter that becomes a sanctuary for him, his son, his dog, and a neighbor woman. As the storm rages, Jack realizes that this storm is unlike anything the country has ever seen.

The aftermath reveals a world forever changed, presenting them with challenges they could never have anticipated. Together, they must face the worst to come, united by their determination and will to survive at all costs.

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