If you are involved in the book industry or Amazon FBA, you've likely encountered the issue of having to copy and paste numerous ASIN numbers into Amazon's search field to check products.

Indeed, I've had nightmares due to unlinked ASIN & ISBN-13 numbers.

A few weeks ago, I decided to develop a lightweight Chrome Extension, called ASIN & ISBN Linker, to address this issue.

ASIN and ISBN Linker example

Who is this Chrome Extension Useful?

  • Book enthusiasts,
  • E-commerce merchants,
  • Savvy online shoppers,
  • Amazon sellers tracking products, and
  • Book publishing

This Chrome Extension is useful for a variety of users, including but not limited to individuals who often encounter ASINs or ISBNs on the web and wonder what product they refer to on Amazon or other online web stores.

What Features ASIN & ISBN Linker Has?

  • Instant Conversion: The extension scans any webpage for ASINs and ISBNs and converts them into clickable links, leading directly to the product page or placing the item at the top of search results.
  • Seamless Integration: It works subtly in the background, cleanly embedding links into the webpage without disrupting the browsing experience.
  • Efficiency & Speed: The extension is lightweight and highly efficient, designed not to slow down your browser.
  • Avoids Re-linking: If the ASIN or ISBN number is already linked or part of a working link the Extension skips it.
  • Safe and Unobtrusive: It respects user privacy by only needing access to read the webpages visited. It does not collect, store or sends any personal data.
  • Time Saver: The tool automates the process of searching for ASINs and ISBNs on Amazon, eliminating the need for manual copying and pasting.
  • Online Shop Preferences: You can select the preferred online shop in settings for ISBN-13 numbers (currently available Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and AbeBooks and Bookshop is coming soon)

Is ASIN & ISBN Linker Free?

Yes, it's absolutely free for end users. 

For the sake of clarity, the extension includes affiliate links that can generate a small commission for the developer without any extra cost for the end users. No further ads or disturbing popups.

Is the ASIN & ISBN Linker Chrome Extension compatible with all websites?


How can I install and set up the ASIN & ISBN Linker extension?

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store
  2. “Add to Chrome” the free ASIN & ISBN Linker Chrome Extension (since the Extension is absolutely free please don't forget to give a star rating in Chrome Web Store under “Review” tab)

Is there a limit to the number of ASINs or ISBNs the extension can detect and convert on a page?

No, there is no limit. However, if a site contains a significant number of ASIN or ISBN codes, the extension is designed to process the codes for only 5 seconds to prevent slowing down your browser. Any remaining codes after this time will stay unlinked. This feature was implemented to ensure that your browsing experience remains smooth.