Google Bard is rising silently, the new Large Language Model by Google acquires more than 50 million users per month.

Why Use ChatGPT Chrome Extensions?

The user interface of Google Bard is just as intuitive as ChatGPT's and ideal for igniting creative ideas or facilitating brainstorming sessions.

However, when it comes to scaling your work with Google Bard, the chat interface might present some limitations, such as the need to manually copy and paste content into your desired document. This process may be manageable for one or two articles, but it can become cumbersome when faced with tasks like rewriting up to 500 descriptions or saving down a prompt that might seem useful.

That's where a specialized Google Bard chrome extensions comes into picture. As an SEO, marketing expert or programmer, you will most likely spend a significant portion of your day working in Google Chrome.

Now, you can elevate your workflow and boost your productivity by exploring some (or all) of these Google Bard extensions. The best part we also found some that work both with ChatGPT and Bard! You will find a ✨emoji at those extensions.

6+ Best Google Bard Chrome Extensions

1. PI Prompts ✨ (Works also with ChatGPT and

Google Bard with PI Prompts chrome extension

The PI Prompts Chrome Extension is a game-changer for prompt engineers using ChatGPT or Google Bard. “PI” stands for “Personal Intelligence,” inspired by a modern sci-fi book titled Conjunction where every human has a Personal Artificial General Intelligence (PI) assistant. Reflecting this vision of decentralized AI, the extension allows users to effortlessly manage their prompt libraries directly within the ChatGPT, Google Bard or Claude interface. Users can add or upload their pre-existing prompt libraries, which will appear in a convenient panel on the right-hand side of the interface. This set-up prioritizes the user's data privacy and creates a personal AI experience.

Using PI Prompts is refreshingly simple and intuitive. You can use the ‘Add’ or ‘Upload’ button or simply selecting text on any website (right-click and add) to populate the PI panel with your own prompts—the upload format of prompts is a simple JSON array. When you type in the Bard input field the extension will automatically filter your prompts based on the input, highlighting the text part that matches your prompts in the panel. With just a click on the desired prompt in the panel, it populates the Bard input field, where users can then further customize the context as needed. This streamlined process helps users to efficiently utilize their prompts, making PI Prompts a valuable tool for those heavily relying on templated or frequent inputs.

The PI Prompts extension is packed with features designed for ease of use and maximum productivity. No registration is required to use it. Additionally, if a user finds a useful prompt while browsing other websites, a simple right click offers the option to directly add that prompt to their library. PI Prompts is compatible with both ChatGPT, Google Bard and Claude, integrating seamlessly into their interfaces. It also syncs prompts across devices and is compatible with the AIPRM Chrome Extension. Since this Chrome extension is entirely free, encourage it by supporting it with a star rating in the Chrome Web Store.

2. Bard Extension for Search ✨ (Works also with ChatGPT)

Bard Extension for Search, formerly known as Bard for Google Pro, is a Chrome extension that integrates AI capabilities into your search engine results. Whether you're using Google or another search engine, this extension provides useful information right next to your regular search results. The ChatGPT and Bard AI integration is user-friendly, letting you switch easily between the two to find the most relevant information for your search queries.

The extension offers a clean, simple dark mode to make browsing easier on your eyes, which is a thoughtful touch. Users have the choice of how they want to see these AI results. You can set it to show automatically with your regular search results, or you can control it to show the AI results only when you decide you need them. It’s built to be flexible according to what works best for you.

Bard Extension for Search is designed for a wide range of people, including students, researchers, professionals, and anyone who is curious and loves to learn. Importantly, it's independent – it’s not officially connected with or endorsed by Google. The extension is upfront about privacy, with a clear policy available for users to review. In simple terms, Bard Extension for Search is a practical tool that can make your internet searches more informative and efficient.

3. Voice Control for Bard

The Voice Control for Bard Chrome Extension is an innovative tool that enhances your interaction with Google Bard by integrating advanced voice recognition and text-to-speech (TTS) technologies. Once you've installed this extension, you can send voice queries to Bard in more than 145 languages without typing a single word. It’s as simple as clicking on the microphone icon or pressing the “Space” key. Bard responds in a natural voice that is customizable; you can change its tone, speed, and language according to your preferences. This hands-free operation is a game-changer, especially for users who are tired of typing out their queries or those with accessibility needs.

One of the standout features of this extension is its adaptability to the user’s needs. For instance, you can set the extension to send your voice messages automatically after you finish speaking or configure it to wait for a specific voice command or manual input. The extension makes it easy for users to clear message input with a customizable voice command, and it automatically detects the language of response messages for text-to-speech voice. The “read aloud” feature can be activated by a simple click, allowing you to listen to Bard's responses clearly. Moreover, as Bard speaks, the extension highlights the sentence or phrase that is being read aloud, which is a thoughtful touch to aid comprehension.

Voice Control for Bard is more than just a voice input tool; it is an engaging and educational companion. For users looking to learn new languages, this extension offers a unique approach: you can converse with Bard in a different language and have the responses read back to you, helping you to learn pronunciation and conversational flow in a very interactive way. The extension’s settings are conveniently accessed through an icon near Bard's input field, where users can easily personalize their experience by adjusting voice control, input language, speaking speed, custom voice commands, and keyboard shortcuts. In essence, this extension provides a seamless and human-like conversation experience with Google Bard, making information access not only more effective but also enjoyable and hands-free. Don't miss the chance to make your AI interaction more conversational and tailored to your needs!

4. Bard GPT ✨(Utilizes also ChatGPT)

The Bard GPT Chrome Extension brings together two powerful AI language models, ChatGPT by OpenAI and Bard AI by Google, in a seamless and user-friendly interface. This extension displays responses from both ChatGPT and Bard side by side, allowing users to easily compare and evaluate the information provided by these two remarkable tools. With simple keyboard shortcuts, users can quickly launch the dual AI-powered interface from any tab, without the need to switch between different browser windows or tabs. The design of the extension is intuitive, featuring a dark mode for eye comfort and fluid interaction for easy navigation, and remarkably, it’s available for free without requiring an in-app login.

Functionally, this extension is an exceptional time-saver. Whether you're a researcher seeking diverse perspectives, a writer looking for creative inspiration, or simply a curious individual exploring various topics, having the ability to consult two advanced language models side by side is incredibly valuable. You can see at a glance how ChatGPT's and Bard's responses differ, which can help you gain a deeper and more nuanced understanding of the topic at hand. In practice, this side-by-side format facilitates more effective cross-referencing and helps users to triangulate more reliable and comprehensive answers to their queries.

Bard GPT is a great tool for those who frequently engage with AI language models. It capitalizes on the unique strengths of both ChatGPT and Bard, offering users a more robust and comprehensive tool for information gathering and content creation. Plus, with the extension being 100% free and requiring no in-app login, it’s as straightforward and accessible as possible, aligning with the goal of making advanced AI tools readily available to a wide audience.

5. Sage ✨(Works also with ChatGPT)

Sage, a Chrome extension powered by Google Bard, OpenAI ChatGPT, and PaLM2, presents itself as a powerful, multi-purpose AI assistant designed to elevate your online experience across various platforms.  From offering assistance in product and campaign management on e-commerce platforms like Shopify and Amazon, to enhancing social media engagement on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, Sage aims to seamlessly integrate itself into numerous facets of your digital life. It even offers content support for SEO, summarization, and quick replies on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Gmail, and Outlook, highlighting its versatility. The extension emphasizes its commitment to privacy and the fact that it is free to use, making it accessible to a broad user base.

The user interface of Sage appears designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. A floating button is present on every webpage, which, when clicked, initiates a conversation with Sage's intelligent chatbot. This chatbot is touted to be capable of providing personalized and contextually relevant responses to user queries, guiding them through various tasks they might need help with on a website. One of the standout features is Sage’s ability to generate content that users can directly embed into their website inputs. This not only serves as a boon for content creators and web developers but also for regular users who are looking to craft well-articulated responses in various online contexts.

Sage comes packed with features that signify its advanced nature and commitment to a smooth user experience. For example, it offers a detailed and searchable conversation history archive that users can pin, rename, delete, and bulk delete according to their needs. It provides keyboard and mouse support for prompt shortcuts, and a no-cache response return, ensuring that each interaction taps directly into the raw power of its AI capabilities. Recent development notes also highlight significant improvements, such as code highlighting, support for marked content embedding, and an enhanced focus on conversation history, indicating that Sage is actively maintained and improved upon. With Sage, users are promised a robust, responsive, and intelligent tool designed to streamline various aspects of their online interactions and content creation processes.

6. Bard Export and Copy

The Bard Export and Copy is a fantastic tool for anyone who finds themselves frequently engaging with Google Bard and wants to retain those conversations for future reference or analysis. With this extension, users can effortlessly download any conversation with Bard in a variety of formats, including TXT, HTML, PDF, DOC, CSV, MD, JSON, XML, and RTF. This makes it extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of uses, whether you are a researcher compiling data, a writer saving drafts and brainstorming sessions, or a casual user who just wants to hold on to some interesting exchanges. In one simple click, the entire conversation—or even selected individual messages—can be copied to the clipboard, saving time and sidestepping the inconvenience of manually selecting and copying text.

One of the extension's most user-friendly features is its popup window. Upon opening the popup, users are automatically presented with the entire current conversation in plain text format. Here, you have the options to either select specific parts of the conversation or to conveniently copy the entire content with the straightforward “Copy to clipboard” button. Additionally, this popup provides a “Print” button, which is a handy inclusion for those who prefer or require a hard copy of their conversations. The extension is designed with a focus on ease and speed, streamlining the process of saving and documenting your Bard interactions.

But the extension doesn't stop at the popup window; it also thoughtfully integrates into the browser's contextual menu. This feature brings the convenience of Bard Export and Copy directly into your browsing experience without the need to open the extension separately. This integration into the context menu serves as a constant reminder of the extension's capabilities and encourages more efficient use of Bard by making exporting and copying a conversation as simple as a right-click. Overall, Bard Export and Copy seems like an invaluable companion for regular users of Google Bard, offering a seamless, efficient, and highly usable way to document and manage conversations.

7. Bard to Notion

Bard to Notion is a brilliantly conceived Chrome extension that acts as a bridge between your conversations with Google's Bard AI and your Notion workspace. At its core, this extension allows you to effortlessly save important segments of your Bard discussions directly into a Notion database of your choice. After initiating a chat with Bard, you’ll notice a new pin icon under each of Bard's responses. Clicking this icon enables you to save that specific answer, along with the related prompt, to your chosen Notion database. If you prefer, you have the option to save the entire discussion from the extension popup, giving you an easily accessible record of your interactions. This extension also allows you to link multiple Notion databases, and conveniently select which one to save your discussions to each time you decide to save.

One of the standout features of Bard to Notion is its commitment to user privacy and security. The extension requires certain data, such as your Notion user ID and a communication key, to function. However, these elements are stored remotely in a secure environment to prevent unauthorized access, rather than locally where they might be more vulnerable. The entire codebase for this extension is open source and available on GitHub, highlighting the developer's transparency. This extension only interacts with necessary sites, including Notion’s API, Bard's page, and the secure remote server where your access key is stored.

This extension stands as a prime example of how two powerful tools can be combined to further enhance productivity and organization. For those who regularly use Bard for brainstorming, drafting, or any form of information gathering, Bard to Notion offers a seamless way to preserve these valuable interactions within your Notion workspace.

AI Is Here To Stay

ChatGPT and AI-powered tools is becoming increasingly essential in the digital marketing landscape. These technologies are designed to optimize your work, boost productivity, and increase efficiency, effectively transforming how marketers engage with their audience and analyze data. As both the extension tools and the large language models continue to evolve and improve, they promise to offer even more sophisticated and tailored solutions for various challenges in digital marketing.

On the other hand, failing to integrate these advanced tools into your strategy may result in your competitors gaining a significant advantage. In today's rapidly advancing technological environment, lagging behind can mean missing out on valuable opportunities to connect with customers and streamline operations.

Sooner or later, the adoption of these cutting-edge technologies is likely to become not just a strategic advantage but a standard industry practice. Therefore, getting on board early with ChatGPT and other AI-powered tools can position you at the forefront of your field, rather than leaving you to play catch-up down the line.