Ava has a secret that could shift the balance in a world divided by wealth and technology. Although she’s inherited her father’s ingenuity for robotics and engineering, Ava has transcended her tech roots. Now, she’s on the brink of a discovery that could transform the very fabric of society. If she can stay alive long enough to share her secret, it could mean saving millions of lives or destroying humanity.

Ava’s life in the West End is gritty and bleak, with few freedoms, strict curfews, and constant surveillance. In stark contrast, New Eden is a thriving metropolis, a testament to artificial intelligence technology’s true promise and potential.

Ava yearns to bridge this rift, creating a new social order with unbridled opportunity for everyone. But something outside her control doesn’t want Ava to succeed. She needs help but has few options. When someone attempts to kill her using technology that shouldn’t exist, Ava knows she must risk everything to save herself, and the technology she knows will change the world.

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