I fell in love with Talia Hibbert's writing style recently, but I can proudly say that I have been through most of her books.

Known for her modern paranormal romance style, she stands out with diversity. There are different narratives, people of all ethnic groups and with different life experiences, something for everyone.

Who is Talia Hibbert?

Talia Hibbert is a writer who began self-publishing in 2017 and released her first nine books within one year.

In 2019, her first traditionally published book, Get a Life, Chloe Brown, was released with Avon Romance, and it is the first book of a family romance trilogy.

Hibbert dealt with negative comments about her dream to be a writer during her childhood, and that she used an inheritance from her great-grandmother to finance the beginning of her writing career.

Talia Hibbert's writing process involves being constantly inspired by the characters in her books. She writes down ideas as soon as she wakes up, often using her phone while still in bed. She has even written entire scenes on her phone before getting up to start her day.

Get a Life, Chloe Brown was the first book to hook me in and the first I will introduce you to. However, the list is much longer than that. All in all, here are the best Talia Hibbert books out there and what you should expect from each story.

What Are The Most Prominent Talia Hibbert Books in order?

Get a Life, Chloe Brown (The Brown Sisters Book 1), by Talia Hibbert (2019)

This is the first book in The Brown Sisters series. If you are into social media and geeky stuff, you might have heard of it, it is all over TikTok. In fact, this is how I heard of it…

Anyway, the book follows Chloe Brown's life, a geek with lists, plans and goals. She knows what she plans to do at any given time, any minute, or any day. But one day, everything changes, and so does her life.

Instead of being the most organized person in the world, she decides to get a life and sets some new goals, mostly about rebellious things every youngster wants to do. She needs a teacher, though, and this is when she finds a bad boy with a motorcycle and tattoos…

It is a relaxing book, but I think introverts will find it more exciting because it shows how you can get out of your shell without exposing yourself too much.

Act Your Age, Eve Brown (The Brown Sisters Book 3), by Talia Hibbert (2021)

This is the third book in the same series. I find it difficult to decide which one is better, so I recommend going through the whole series.

Eve is a mess. No matter how hard she tries, everything goes wrong… Until one day, when her parents decide it is time to grow up and show some responsibility.

On the other hand, the story also follows Jacob, who is the most disciplined person you have ever known. He is a perfectionist, so when Eve shows up for an interview with her messy purple hair, he decides to reject her straight away.

One thing leads to another, I will not get into details to avoid giving out spoilers, but after a mild accident, Eve ends up working her way in. And this is when a messy relationship starts between two completely different personalities.

The Princess Trap, by Talia Hibbert (2018)

This is one of the steamiest and most romantic Talia Hibbert books, a must if you are into romance, a bit of drama and a few plot twists.

After multiple disappointments, 30 year old Cherry decides she no longer wants a relationship. But then, she has needs… And she meets this attractive man in the office. She is not interested in a relationship, but he seems perfect for a classic one night stand.

Cherry has no idea that he is actually a royal. His lifestyle is not worth a royal status, though, and he is notorious for his filthy profile.

The two are caught kissing by the paparazzi, and everything goes crazy. The palace is disappointed because he failed one more time, the press is all over with news, and Ruben has one solution.

Dreaming of her one night stand, Cherry ends up in a fake engagement scheme to save Ruben’s reputation.

A Girl Like Her (Ravenswood Book 1), by Talia Hibbert (2018)

I started the Ravenswood series out of curiosity, and it hooked me in straight away. This is the first book and obviously my main recommendation since you need to get along with the characters before moving on.

Ruth is struggling with autism, a bad reputation and a scandal from the past. She is considered the black sheep in Ravenswood. She does not really mind it, though, but things seem to change when Evan comes to town.

Evan is her new neighbor. Recently returned from the army, he is confident and has no clue about her past or reputation. A few friendly chats convince Ruth that Evan likes her, but she is not too confident in men.

She has the desire, but her mind tells her to be cautious. However, Evan feels like a safe bet.

Anyway, I will not go on with spoilers, but this is the type of book describing every girl’s experience out there. Everyone has been through such a story before, so it is totally worth it. Plus, it has plenty of humor as well.

The Roommate Risk, by Talia Hibbert (2021)

Jasmine is not the luckiest girl out there, but she knows that a stiletto heel can work a very long way. She believes in lust, but not in love, and she is perfectly fine with it. Until one day, when a plumbing issue leaves her homeless.

The good news is she can crash into Rahul's, one of her best friends. Rahul has a crush on her. It has been going on for quite a while, but he has always kept it to himself. Now, they are roommates, and he struggles to keep everything under control.

An attempt could chase her away, but it may actually work.

I know what you are thinking, they end up being together, but trust me, this is one of the twistiest books I have ever read. Just when you think you know what is about to happen, a plot twist kicks it in a different direction.

Work for It, by Talia Hibbert (2019)

Griffin is an outcast in the village. He is not too much into people, until he meets Keynes, a stranger who has everything he has ever wanted in a man.

One disaster, an unexpected meeting and a mix of feelings, this is what you can expect from this uncommon relationship. They are not together, but they would like to. He is vicious, but he is also charming. It is a story that does not let you figure out which way it is going…

Later on, things clear out and start making sense, though.

Inspiring Quotes From Talia Hibbert Books

So I’m doing it for you because that’s how people should behave; they should fill in each other’s gaps.

―Talia Hibbert, Get a Life, Chloe Brown

I told you before, that there are different ways to fail. Imperfection is inevitable. That’s life. But it doesn’t sound to me like you failed at all, Eve. It sounds like your dream broke, and you’ve been picking up shattered pieces, and blaming yourself when your hands bleed.

—Talia Hibbert, Act Your Age, Eve Brown

Loving you is the easiest thing I've ever done.

—Talia Hibbert, Take a Hint, Dani Brown

Final Thoughts on Talia Hibbert Books

Bottom line, these are by far the most exciting Talia Hibbert books out there. While some of them may seem to follow a classic storyline, you will be surprised with the outcome. There is always something new popping up, always something to surprise you and perhaps this is what makes Talia Hibbert stand out.

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