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LitRPG is a literary genre combining the conventions of RPGs with science-fiction and fantasy novels.

The genre appeals to video game fans and it stands for literature RPG. If you are a big fan of RPG games, get ready to experience the same features and stories as you go through action and adventure in a literary way. Follow your character battling enemies and going through all kinds of unexpected scenarios as you reveal action, love and mystery in one go.

What Makes a Fantasy Book LitRPG?

LitRPG books focus on leveling up and becoming stronger, developing skills and abilities, completing quests and challenges, and interacting with other players in the game world. LitRPG is a genre that emphasizes on the journey of the protagonist. In LitRPG stories, the focus is on how the protagonist overcomes various trials and tribulations.

It's not just about the destination, it's about the journey.

LitRPG books are often compared to video games, as they both allow readers/players to escape into another world where they can become powerful heroes or villains. If you're looking for an immersive, action-packed fantasy read with plenty of adventure, then a LitRPG might be just what you're looking for.

What Are The Most Important LitRPG Subgenres?

  • Classic Sci-fi, Fantasy LitRPG
  • Dungeon Core (Experience all the excitement and danger of dungeon crawling)
  • Reborn LitRPG (Certain characters reborn in the past or reincarnate)
  • Town Building (Select from a variety of buildings and upgrades to create the perfect town for you)
  • Cyberpunk Sci-fi LitRPG (Cyberpunk setting that blends the gritty reality of the future with elements of fantasy)
  • Wuxia (Chinese literary genre known as novel of wandering heroes in ancient China, the characters often appear capable of superhuman feats of martial arts)

LitRPG is a genre of speculative fiction that typically combines elements of science fiction, fantasy, and role-playing games. The precise definition of the genre can vary, but it is generally understood to be a story that takes place in a virtual world or game setting, with the protagonist using their gaming skills to navigate and interact with the world.

There are many reasons why the LitRPG genre has become so popular, but some of the key factors include its ability to appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike, as well as its mix of genres that can appeal to a wide range of readers. Also I recommend visiting the Reddit LitRPG community.

In addition, many people enjoy reading LitRPG stories because they blend the excitement and adventure of exploring a virtual world.

What Are The Most Outstanding LitRPG Books?

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Titan Blood (Victor of Tucson Book 4), by Plum Parrot (2024)

In this continuation of an action-packed LitRPG series, Victor Sandoval, a young man from Earth, must navigate the challenges of a new, hostile world. Previously abducted from his grandmother's home to the land of Fanwath, Victor transformed from a pit fighter into a powerful warrior with unresolved anger issues.

After defeating a pyromancer, he and his companion, Valla, are transported to a planet inhabited by formidable creatures like serpentines, insectoids, and giants. To survive and possibly return to Fanwath, they face grueling trials: Victor must triumph in a warlord's arena, and Valla is compelled to fight in an unwelcome duel against a formidable adversary.

Their journey is fraught with battles, accumulating kills, and seeking treasures, all while confronting unimaginable horrors.

Magic's Mantle (Ard's Oath Book 1), by Bruce Sentar (2023)

Arden's story begins in a remote village where he was left by a dying mage, nurturing a faint hope that his own magical abilities would someday awaken and grant him access to his spheres. As he approaches his eighteenth birthday, this hope remains unfulfilled, and he has resigned himself to a life as a sharp-witted innkeeper. However, his mundane existence takes a turn when his former love interest, who left the village to become a mage’s anchor, unexpectedly returns. This event marks the beginning of a series of dramatic changes in Arden's life, for which he feels utterly unprepared.

With the realization that he is the most powerful mage in the nation, Arden faces the daunting task of quickly adapting to his newfound responsibilities and powers. His sarcastic and glib nature, while endearing, proves to be more of a hindrance, earning him more enemies than friends. Despite the challenges, he is not alone in his journey; help comes his way, which he sorely needs.

Thrust into the elite circles of the kingdom, Arden must navigate this complex new world where his wit alone is insufficient against the looming threats and political intrigue that accompany his elevated status.

House Wolf (The Grand Game Book 4), by Tom Elliot (2023)

The book House Wolf is a dark fantasy LitRPG story about Michael, who has been surviving in the Forever Kingdom for months. He is trying to unravel the secrets of the game and establish himself in the world. As he progresses, Michael discovers ancient mysteries and uncovers buried truths about the Forever Kingdom's murky past.

To succeed in the game, Michael must separate truth from fiction, find trustworthy allies, and pay a price to secure his house and allies. Michael's goal is to revive House Wolf and restore the ancient bloodlines.

The story is full of danger, intrigue, and challenges, as Michael navigates the complex and treacherous world of the Forever Kingdom to survive and thrive.

Greenblood (My Best Friend is an Eldritch Horror Book 2), by Actus (2023)

The book is about a character named Damien who is participating in a game called Blackmist. He has managed to survive the challenges and is starting to enjoy his time in the game. He has two friends, Henry and Sylph, who are helping him. However, a new force called Herald has emerged and is becoming more powerful every day. Damien needs to master his magic to face this new challenge.

As the truth behind the game and its purpose is revealed, Damien realizes that the game may need to be reset. He plans to fight against this new threat with the help of Henry and Sylph, but this could be what the game is waiting for.

Greenblood is a novel that combines several aspects of the LitRPG genre, and has a traditional magic school set.

The Primal Hunter, by Zogarth (2022)

Experience a apocalyptic adventure-style LitRPG with levels, classes, professions, skills, dungeons, loot, and all the notable features of LitRPG.

Join Jake on his journey as he explores different planes of existence, encountering new challenges and opportunities along the way. Watch as he slowly gains power and changes from a bored office worker into a brave and strong apex predator.

We meet Jake in his office and we quickly figure out that he has trouble with social interactions but he is smart and driven when he wants to be. There are a lot of RPG elements in the story, but the author paid attention not to overload the readers by providing us a lot of valuable information on the way.

The Primal Hunter Series is a shining example of everything that makes a good modern LitRPG.

Defiance of the Fall 5, by TheFirstDefier (2022)

The story blends the elements of apocalyptic LitRPG and eastern culture into a great story. The book features an exceptional class & skill system, and a great variety of decisions for progression. It has everything fans of the genre appreciate.

Head to a vast universe full of mysteries, adventure, danger, and even aliens. Follow Zac quest, who has one last opportunity to obtain the ability to deal with the uppermost levels of the Tower.

The book is one the best dungeons and dragons LitRPG of 2022.

The Butcher's Masquerade, by Matt Dinniman (2022)

Maybe not the first book of the series, but Matt Dinniman's series is a must have on this list. The Butcher's Masquerade is the fifth book in Dungeon Crawler Carl series.

After a devastating mishap, just one exception has survived. However, a dangerous new threat has recently become apparent, and out-of-state visitors cannot wait to commence hunting. Among quite a few is Vrah, a well-known and experienced hunter, who is seeking the all-defining trophy of her career.

Despite the commonality between their growth and the danger, they've made a resistance to it now.

Becoming a True Leader, by Yuri Ajin (2022)

This would be the 9th book of The Heavenly Throne Wuxia LitRPG series.

In spite of the fact the Trial Worlds do not excuse mistakes, and learn from mistakes, Kai is smart enough to understand that she will have to overcome pain and suffering to really regain herself.

He is not anymore a pawn to the individuals in the realm of agriculture. So far, he has been but one of the numerous participants in the unfolding events, but now it would be time for him to become the ringleader. The only question is whether Kai will be capable to endure these ordeals or will failure be his final outcome, yet another anonymous figure erased from the history of the world.

The Last Light, by Pirate Aba (2021)

The fifth installment of The Wandering Inn series. In the world full of magic and monsters, Erin Solstice sees an inn as a relic of the past. Nonetheless, things aren't always so civil in her situation. There might be problems in relation to survival, and she's always in danger of being mauled by monsters. If only none of this were occurring, Erin Solstice would adore all of this!

Geneva Scala remains enduringly in war, but it continues to receive praise for its efforts in recent years. It is possible, given the increasing bloodshed and violence in battlefields, but at the moment no enduring future in that is known. Many of the combatants see her intervention as dangerous, and she still bears wounds from her previous battle to reduce the death toll. But she's not left completely alone; there are now others nearby who help her.

He Who Fights with Monsters, by Shirtaloon & Travis Deverell (2021)

This has been a fascinating story from the get go. Our main character finds himself thrown into this world of mischief, or so we think. Actually things is not what it seems in this parallel universe where the absurd meets the amazing with hilarious consequences. All these unexpected twists and turns leave us eagerly turning pages quicker than is probably necessary for when your favourite part is coming up.

A dark and humorous journey follows through a fantastical world, that leaves you asking more questions than you'd expect. At times the action got so intense, I found myself randomly laughing out loud, while at other moments sat on the edge of a couch about to fall off due to a sudden excitement.

Beastborne: Mark of the Founder, by James T. Callum (2020)

We begin this series with our MC Eric who is still getting accustomed to the Shadow World, a place where characters from all forms of media are transported upon their deaths. As someone who has just arrived, he slowly becomes more aware of his surroundings as he becomes more adept at surviving. The fun thing about this story that I particularly enjoy is that it doesn't begin immediately after Eric's arrival into the Shadow World. Instead, it takes some time for things to happen and we see him grow and adapt to life there as he begins to be more serious about it and interested in the mystery behind his death and what is really going on in this strange place. There will also be interesting interactions between others as they gradually gather together and form an Alliance. No one knows much but everyone can help bring clarity onto where things really stand!

Shadow Sun Progression, by Dave Willmarth (2019)

This is the fourth book of the collection and while not necessarily related, it might help going through the previous releases too. This LitRPG book follows Allistor's story, who is both a prince and an emperor of two different worlds. He goes through a series of missions in the attempt to deal with all kinds of races with one mission only – strengthening the human race.

Sol is now leader of the organization, and his first act was to hunt down the head of the organization no matter what. A terrifying entity, the former leader of the organization has now mutated into a ghastly creature with the sole mission of protecting itself. Sol must find a way to survive the sunny days, but also to train the Shadow Sun Organization to become better, stronger, and most importantly, to survive.

Dragon Heart: Stone Will, by Kirill Klevanski (2019)

This is by far one of the best LitRPG Wuxia book and follows the story of Hadjar. He has no dreams and goals in life, as he was born in the wrong place – magic, martial arts and dead bodies. His family ended up in the same situation, without a future ahead. But Hadjar is willing to change everything and fight everyone – after all, he has nothing to lose. Currently the first five books are available in the series.

The stakes are unbelievably high and the drama is intense. The characters are either cunning or conniving, or some kind of mix of both. I can't wait to see how this monster of a book will be revealed to us in the next few books. It's not often that I get excited enough about a book, but Stone Will was among these few titles.

Dragon's Mist: A 4X Strategy, by Ember Lane (2020)

Connor O'Grady wakes up in a new world. What would you do? Would you learn to survive and fight? Or would you just hide and start crying? The character ends up in a world known as Legendary. He has nothing – completely naked. He has to fight, survive and build his way up in the attempt to create a powerful community. You are introduced to Connor who wakes up alone, naked and confused. His memory has been taken from him and he meets a local girl who helps him find his way, as she is with child she shows him the way to the tribe who's baby she is carrying and they live happily ever after…

I was drawn in by the book cover, which I think shows what you are getting straight away. The genre is epic fantasy, set loosely around medieval times.

The Dark Continent, by Alexey Osadchuk (2020)

The third book of the series has a really good story. Whether he was seen as a freak or an outcast, he has always managed to make himself noticed. However, his mentality changes as he learns to use his handicap as a weapon. His weakness becomes an advantage and that is when the action begins.

Eric's friends and he make it out of Master Chi's Hive, go through the Orcish Steppe and into the Stone Forest. The landscape offers a calming effect on them, and it makes them stronger.

Well-crafted series with quality characters. Engaging protagonist with an interesting world. I'm looking forward to staying up late for the next installments.

The Destroying Plague, by Dan Sugralinov (2020)

Ending up in the age of Disgardium, Scyth and his buddies end up surviving while being watched by a strong clan. The little group ends up hunted by the strongest clans in this world and problems pop one after another. As if all these were not enough, the old friends also have to complete a bunch of impossible quests…

This is the third book of Disgardium series, The Destroying Plague acts as a boot camp for the war to come and helps Scyth to develop not only his divine power but also his ability to find more friends, form alliances, and prepare himself for the upcoming Holy War.

Inheritance, by Morgan Cole (2020)

Inheritance tells a Jake's story. He ends up searching his grandfather's basement, only to end up in an abandoned station in the space. Unfortunately, he is trapped in there. He discovers a few secrets and realizes he is not alone there. He must now face an aggressive alien infestation or he will never go back home.

On top of that, he has to get accustomed to extraterrestrial beings. The space station contains a hidden message that could potentially spell doom for Earth and the entire universe.

I think this space LitRPG is a great selection for sci-fi fans.

Viridian Gate Online: Darkling Siege, by James A. Hunter (2020)

One of the best LitRPG books of the beginning of 2020, the story follows Grim Jack. He is forced to lead armies and bring people together in only to prevent a war. Dungeons fall one by one and Vogthar seems to take the world over. Grim Jack uses his doomsday weapon, which will take him in the heart of the enemy's territory. Even so, the war is far from being over, as he has to discover secrets buried thousands of years ago to complete his mission.

The top secret item he possesses may eventually take him right into the midst of Morsheim, but he still faces an uphill struggle if he can't figure out the strategic location of the alliance, the Empire, and himself.

Temper, by Xander Boyce (2020)

An apocalyptic LitRPG story for those who enjoys unknown dangers.

Drew gets a few allies to create a team and come up with a new system. The new system would be referred to as the Habitat. But in order to get there, they must go through a series of challenges – discover the world, fight some enemies and even overwhelm their own fears. The world is forced to change and the upgrade comes with lifestyle changes, as people need to adapt.

Drew and those accompanying him will have a tough time making it through altered circumstances once the Advent concludes.

An Equation With One Unknown, by Vasily Mahanenko (2020)

Creating a warring plan does not mean it will be successful. There are two different challenges. A new clan will have to struggle to gain notoriety and fight other clans with years of experience. A few solid victories will bring in some reputation. Enemies will not just sit and watch though, as they try to kill clans before they become good – no one wants a competitor. This is why Eradani and Kvalen are being hunted by everyone in the world.

Highly entertaining LitRPG! Lots of twists and turns, great pacing, and hard to put down. Another of my favorite LitRPG authors delivered again a great story!

7 Days Later, by Riley Morrison (2020)

7 Days Later puts you in the main character's role. You are not alone though, but your girlfriend Sayonara is there with you. Both of you have to grow from scratch. You will have to grow food, harvest it, mine metal, get wood and so on. You have to survive by building your own base and fortifying it. As if life was not hard enough, a bunch of monsters also checks in every now and then in the attempt to kill everyone.

The book's final outcome was based on a selection of games that I enjoyed. All of the elements of the book that were written mirror my own actions so you know what you're getting into and I believe you'll find if it is something you enjoy. If you are looking for a gameLit book in the genre of video gaming, then you will be happy picking it up.

Annex: A Divine Dungeon Series, by Dakota Krout and Dennis Vanderkerken (2020)

Artorian has to make a major decision. He has to sacrifice everything he has in order to advance and become stronger. He has to choose between graduation and pure death. The whole book is about decisions – some of them harder than others. Artorian can save his family, but leave the grandchildren behind. He can build a new home, but leave his friends behind. What is he going to do?

I am astounded by the extent to which I have invested in this series. For those who are fans of the Divine Dungeon series, this publication offers excellent insights into the background and inner workings of the world. Definitely a must-read.

Quick Change, by C. T. O'Leary (2020)

Seth Andersen is a geek. He spends his days working on a computer. One day, everything changes when he drives home. He wakes up in another world – Morgenheim. Knights and magic are normal in this world. He is given the opportunity to choose a superpower, but he accidentally picks the wrong one. Everything becomes a challenge then.

The novel takes you to another world filled with good or evil knights, dragons, flying lions, and magic. You will find every key element of the LitRPG genre to have fun time with this story.

Nova Terra (The Titan Series Book 1), by Seth Ring (2018)

Nova Terra, part of the Titan Series, Thorn, trapped in his own body due to a debilitating condition, escapes into the immersive game world of Nova Terra. Here, he embarks on a journey of discovery, encountering allies, enemies, ancient evils, and forgotten gods, leading him into conflict with a powerful guild.

As Thorn adapts to his new life filled with quests, skill mastery, and magic, he must let go of his past and embrace his new existence, including a new body and friendships.

This LitRPG series offers a rich blend of fantasy and adventure, coupled with immersive storytelling and a touch of camaraderie.

Final Thoughts on LitRPG-Gamelit Books

The combination of literary and gaming elements appeals to a wide range of readers, and with more and more people playing video games, there is a larger potential audience for these novels.

There are already a number of successful series within the genre, and it is likely that we will see more of these in the future. With so much demand for new titles, it is also probable that we will see more authors trying their hand at writing LitRPG novels.

Bottom line, LitRPG books can be challenging from many points of view. Expect adventure, magic and difficult decisions. But at the same time, you will get lots of action, love and drama. Chances are you will devour some of these best LitRPG books in one sitting only.

If you are more into video games, check out our favorite video game novels.

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