LitRPG is a literary genre combining the conventions of RPGs with science-fiction and fantasy novels. LitRPG books gain more and more notoriety lately. The genre appeals to video game fans and it stands for literature RPG. If you are a big fan of RPG games, get ready to experience the same features and stories as you go through action and adventure in a literary way. Follow your character battling enemies and going through all kinds of unexpected scenarios as you reveal action, love and mystery in one go.

Wuxia is a genre of Chinese fiction featuring itinerant warriors of ancient China, often depicted as capable of superhuman feats of martial arts.

We collected the best LitRPG and Wuxia – LitRPG novels, find the list also on Goodreads.

Shadow Sun Progression, by Dave Willmarth

This is the fourth book of the collection and while not necessarily related, it might help going through the previous releases too. The book follows Allistor's story, who is both a prince and an emperor of two different worlds. He goes through a series of missions in the attempt to deal with all kinds of races with one mission only – strengthening the human race.

Dragon Heart: Stone Will, by Kirill Klevanski

This is by far one of the best LitRPG Wuxia book in 2020 and follows the story of Hadjar. He has no dreams and goals in life, as he was born in the wrong place – magic, martial arts and dead bodies. His family ended up in the same situation, without a future ahead. But Hadjar is willing to change everything and fight everyone – after all, he has nothing to lose. Currently the first five books are available in the series.

Dragon's Mist: A 4X Strategy, by Ember Lane

Connor O'Grady wakes up in a new world. What would you do? Would you learn to survive and fight? Or would you just hide and start crying? The character ends up in a world known as Legendary. He has nothing – completely naked. He has to fight, survive and build his way up in the attempt to create a powerful community.

The Dark Continent, by Alexey Osadchuk

The third book of the series has a really good plot. Whether he was seen as a freak or an outcast, he has always managed to make himself noticed. However, his mentality changes as he learns to use his handicap as a weapon. His weakness becomes an advantage and that is when the action begins…

The Destroying Plague, by Dan Sugralinov

Ending up in the age of Disgardium, Scyth and his buddies end up surviving while being watched by a strong clan. The little group ends up hunted by the strongest clans in this world and problems pop one after another. As if all these were not enough, the old friends also have to complete a bunch of impossible quests…

Inheritance, by Morgan Cole

Inheritance tells a Jake's story. He ends up searching his grandfather's basement, only to end up in an abandoned station in the space. Unfortunately, he is trapped in there. He discovers a few secrets and realizes he is not alone there. He must now face an aggressive alien infestation or he will never go back home.

Viridian Gate Online: Darkling Siege, by James A. Hunter

One of the best LitRPG books of the beginning of 2020, the story follows Grim Jack. He is forced to lead armies and bring people together in only to prevent a war. Dungeons fall one by one and Vogthar seems to take the world over. Grim Jack uses his doomsday weapon, which will take him in the heart of the enemy's territory. Even so, the war is far from being over, as he has to discover secrets buried thousands of years ago to complete his mission.

Temper: An Apocalyptic, by Xander Boyce

Drew gets a few allies to create a team and come up with a new system. The new system would be referred to as the Habitat. But in order to get there, they must go through a series of challenges – discover the world, fight some enemies and even overwhelm their own fears. The world is forced to change and the upgrade comes with lifestyle changes, as people need to adapt.

An Equation With One Unknown, by Vasily Mahanenko

Creating a warring plan does not mean it will be successful. There are two different challenges. A new clan will have to struggle to gain notoriety and fight other clans with years of experience. A few solid victories will bring in some reputation. Enemies will not just sit and watch though, as they try to kill clans before they become good – no one wants a competitor. This is why Eradani and Kvalen are being hunted by everyone in the world…

7 Days Later, by Riley Morrison

7 Days Later puts you in the main character's role. You are not alone though, but your girlfriend Sayonara is there with you. Both of you have to grow from scratch. You will have to grow food, harvest it, mine metal, get wood and so on. You have to survive by building your own base and fortifying it. As if life was not hard enough, a bunch of monsters also checks in every now and then in the attempt to kill everyone.

Annex: A Divine Dungeon Series, by Dakota Krout and Dennis Vanderkerken

Artorian has to make a major decision. He has to sacrifice everything he has in order to advance and become stronger. He has to choose between graduation and pure death. The whole book is about decisions – some of them harder than others. Artorian can save his family, but leave the grandchildren behind. He can build a new home, but leave his friends behind. What is he going to do?

Quick Change, by C. T. O'Leary

Seth Andersen is a geek. He spends his days working on a computer. One day, everything changes when he drives home. He wakes up in another world – Morgenheim. Knights and magic are normal in this world. He is given the opportunity to choose a superpower, but he accidentally picks the wrong one. Everything becomes a challenge then.


Bottom line, LitRPG books can be challenging from many points of view. Expect adventure, magic and difficult decisions. But at the same time, you will get lots of action, love and drama. Chances are you will devour some of these books in one sitting only.