Life comes with issues and situations that can get us overwhelmed. At times, we tend to get lost in the process and forget that we are worthy and deserve so much better. But I find poetry to be therapeutic in many ways.

Poems communicate different ideas, thoughts, and feelings, helping me somehow get in touch with their soul and inner spirit. Seeing what their minds and hearts weigh helps me open up to feelings I may have suppressed, shining new light on me.

These poems about finding yourself will help you come back to where you belong.

Breakthroughs, by Anupa Rao (2022)

Everyone has stories to share from the heart, and Anupa shares hers with the world. She talks about segments of her life and how they changed her life. Despite all that happened, she set her mind on moving.

Breakthroughs features poems that are relevant to everyone in all walks of life. It is written with sincerity, and it will help you see that every situation has potential and can be tackled with excitement.

The poems will help readers attain healing and find their higher selves despite whatever is happening. Every word is written to leave you full of happiness and positivity. You will be ready to take on the life you desire, live it fully, and work on your higher purpose.

Anupa encourages readers to take any storm that may come in life and turn it into a life cleanser. The author's spiritual poetry also gives insights about handling love issues, mental health, and loss.

The Tears That Taught Me, by Morgan Richard Olivier (2022)

This book will be a game-changer if you are on a healing journey. With the way it is written, you feel like someone you know is guiding you on how and why you need to keep fighting and pushing to get where you need to be.

The Tears That Taught Me contains self-help poetry to help readers who are digging through the origins of their faith, struggle, life lessons, and truths. Morgan has unapologetically written honest revelations and reflections to help readers triumph as they seek development, detachment, and direction.

Morgan passes the message that by positioning, pruning, and reframing ourselves, we can blossom while making peace with experienced pain. We can then accept a more significant purpose for all the emotions endured.

This poem collection is a source of inspiration, motivation, and encouragement.

Changing with the Tides, by Shelby Leigh (2022)

This second poetry book by Shelby is unique in its structure and features alteration of poems and letters, and is divided into two sections- the anchor and the sail. Readers will find the words used in the collection very relatable.

Shelby has captured the words to make them both personal and universal. The poems will touch the most profound parts you may have kept hidden, locked away, or healed from. The figurative language used paints a picture of self-understanding and acceptance.

The central theme in Changing with the Tides is the expression of realization. Other issues that are tackled include insecurity, self-esteem, anxiety, emotional abuse, and empowerment. You will learn why it is essential to embrace change, focus on yourself, and trust that your mind and heart can take you where you need to be.

You are reminded that you are not the only one who sometimes feels likes drowning. All situations can get better.

Clarity and Connection, by Yung Pueblo (2021)

Clarity and Connection contains spiritual poetry perfect for helping readers gain perspective and thoughtfulness. The short prose offers understanding regarding how our past wounds significantly impact current relationships.

We subconsciously build up intense emotions, which in turn condition us to behave or react in particular ways.

Life comes with trauma and recovery. The traumas highlighted in this poetry book are those of anger, doubt, jealousy, and feeling as if we are not worthy enough. Recovery is about managing how we react to our emotions. Our reactions inform us about what our minds have internalized from past experiences.

Yung guides readers on a journey of excavation and releasing things and experiences of the past. That is how we grow and become invested in personal transformation. Once we understand ourselves, we can build self-awareness and deepen our connections with those around us.

Flowers on the Moon, by Billy Chapata (2020)

You can be yourself with all your flaws and strengths.

Flowers on the Moon intends to communicate to readers that they deserve the space to be themselves unapologetically. This free-form poetry is the dose your mind and soul need, especially if you are seeking healing and solace.

Those who have felt belittled by others and those who struggle to reconnect with their inner beauty will find this book very helpful. The pages indeed hold a significant amount of self-love and self-care.

Billy presents his signature fusion of experience and advice to talk about love, loss, and being resilient. He shares bittersweet experiences and memorable lessons that may become your resonance points and sources of comfort.

This heartfelt collection celebrates and applauds humanity for its incontestable worth and will help you become hopeful for growth opportunities, rebirth, and self-acceptance.

Healing is a Gift, by Alexandra Vasiliu (2021)

Healing is a Gift is an empowering and uplifting poetry collection that has crucial insights for helping yourself heal.

Alexandra encourages readers that it is crucial to let go of things that don’t foster healing. She also explores the importance of changing our old selves and why we need to love and appreciate ourselves more every day.

We need to grow with hope and rise again with the beautiful and bold souls we have been given. The greatest gifts anyone can give themselves are overcoming adversities, mending wounded hearts, and choosing to move on with life.

Reading the different poems in this book will give you comfort and reassurance that you can still believe in yourself despite what you or the society thinks.


You must check out the poetry collection books above. They have excellent input about how we can come to terms with our true selves to foster positive change and acceptance for a quality life.

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