Illustrator: Adeline Middleton, Contributor: Pabodi Upekshala 

This is a story by girls, about courage and bravery.

BunnyElla was a magical little bunny who loved to write stories and draw pictures. One day, an announcement from the Prince interrupted her peaceful life. BunnyElla had to make a decision, a decision that is difficult for most bunnies. If you want to know what happened to this beautiful and brave little bunny, read on!

About the Author

Chloe is a promising author who juggles middle school, piano, lacrosse, and of course writing in her spare time. She is also an avid skier, windsurfer, and spinner of fairytales. She is pleased to finally get her first book into print. She drafted her first version of BunnyElla when she was 8-years old and dusted if off a few years later to put a bit of polish on it, collaborating with her younger sister on the artwork. She has begun working on her second book now, so hang on to your hats! Chloe hopes her story will inspire her readers to be as brave, strong and true to themselves as BunnyElla.

Chloe currently lives in Mclean, Virginia with her two sisters, parents and their puppy Bodie (a border collie).

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To support women in need, Chloe and Adeline will donate a portion of all paperback royalties to Calvary Women's Shelter/Services.

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