Lies Hidden in Plain Sight

Abby Waither Series Book 1

Single-mother Abby Waither remains determined to improve her living circumstances, dedicating most of her time and efforts into curating exhibitions of valuable artifacts at the local museum while simultaneously navigating a tumultuous relationship with her young daughter. Busy as she is, she has no time to think about where her absent ex-husband has now disappeared to. She is doing just fine on her own.

However, when detective Deon Studer contacts her requesting her help to value a rare piece of art discovered clutched in the arms of a dead man, her life rapidly spirals out of control. Thrown into the mysterious world of an art forgery ring, Abby will do everything to help uncover secrets surrounding recent murders. But while working alongside Deon, Abby quickly discovers how dangerous an investigation can become, leaving her to wonder if she will have to pay the ultimate price.

How far will she go in the name of art?

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