The Adventures of BJ Gleeson, Private Investigator Book 3

Irene and Vinnie O’Brien were enjoying the Day of the Dead Parade in San Antonio, Texas, when their brief respite turned into a nightmare. Irene's elderly mother, who had mysteriously vanished from a local nursing home weeks before and whose whereabouts remained unknown despite authorities' efforts, was shockingly featured in a death pose on a photograph displayed on a parade float. This macabre discovery compelled the O’Briens to leave the parade immediately and contact the police. Vinnie, recalling a cable news segment about an amateur detective named B.J. Gleeson who had solved a series of bizarre murders in Louisiana, managed to get in touch with Gleeson, now a certified private investigator.

B.J. Gleeson, alongside his girlfriend and police lieutenant, Karen, is quickly pulled into a case involving a series of disappearances at a well-regarded nursing home in San Antonio, putting both their lives in danger as they navigate the complexities of this investigation. This narrative marks the third volume in the B.J. Gleeson Mystery Series, showcasing Gleeson’s evolution from a former baseball player and teacher to a successful and innovative professional investigator. Through this gripping tale, readers are offered a window into Gleeson's adventurous transition into the realm of private investigation, hinting at both the personal and professional challenges he faces while unraveling another chilling mystery.

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