Your Weight Doesn’t Matter But Your Food Habits Do

by a professional Chef and Nutritionist

Building successful food habits, which makes any diet useless, automatic weight loss, weight loss in autopilot.

Are you fed up with trying diets that don't work?
Are you tired of trying restrictive diets that don't satisfy you?
Are you serious about losing weight and changing your life for the better?
Or, are you looking for nutrition that keeps you more productive?

Then you've picked the right guide! Weight loss is far more than choosing a diet and hoping it works. It's about learning to accept your body in the first place, rebuilding your relationship with food, and finding a way of eating that satisfies you. I am a professional chef and a certified nutritionist. I learned everything I know over many years in the hospitality industry, studies, and journeys across the world, and now finally, I can share it all with you.

In this guide, you will learn the following:

  • Why diets don't work
  • Which food habits do work instead
  • How deprivation affects you psychologically
  • Why you should ditch refined sugar
  • The benefits of intermittent fasting
  • The benefits of cheat days
  • How feeding your brain affects your overall health
  • Getting the balance right between diet and exercise

And so much more. You'll also find a selection of healthy and easy recipes I created. For more inspiration and additional information, feel free to also visit my blog – Wander Culinaire, or my YouTube Channel, with video walkthroughs.

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Excerpt from Forget Diets! © Copyright 2023 Matthias Stuber


“Being healthy is not the outcome of a diet; it's the result of a lifestyle.”

Hi. My name is Matthias Stuber, I am professional chef and certified nutritionist, worked for luxury brands like The Ritz-Carlton and Kempinski, that quote above? That's mine.

I firmly believe that diets are not the answer to losing weight and my belief comes from my own personal journey, which you can read about on my blog,

There is no doubt about it – putting weight on is far easier for some people than losing it, and when they do lose it, it's even harder to keep it off. Sadly, most research on diets and their long-term effects show that most dieters will regain all their lost weight within a couple of years; in many cases, they'll have put even more on, leading to a vicious cycle of never-ending diets that simply don't work.

Most of us have been on several diets; when the first one doesn't work, we try another, and we keep on trying until we find one that works for us – that rarely, if ever, happens. For so long, we've had it drilled into us that diet and exercise are the only way to lose weight and keep it off, but that simply isn't true – at least not diets in the commercial sense of the word.

Even if you aren't on an “official” diet, you might be engaging in certain behaviors that make it seem like you are dieting. This is because such behaviors have been normalized by the diet industry, even encouraged, with no regard for the dangers over the long term. The longer you go on, the harder it becomes to determine just what “normal” is in terms of food.

Some of the ways you may be exhibiting dieting behaviors are:

  • Constantly weighing yourself, sometimes several times a day
  • Counting points, servings, or macros
  • Exercising hard to try to burn off the food you just ate
  • Basing your food choices purely on nutritional value
  • Only eating low-fat, so-called “healthier” versions of meals
  • Getting back on track by detoxing or cleansing

Diets and dieting are two completely different things. An actual diet is formal and has a ton of rules that you must follow to determine what you eat, how, and when. Dieting is less formal and has fewer rules, but you still beat yourself up when falling off the wagon, which is inevitable when you restrict what you can and can't eat.

None of this works, and both can lead to restrictive thoughts and behaviors, guilt, shame, stress, and anxiety, and can even lead to health disorders later in life.

That was the main reason why I started my own blog and YouTube Channel and am now publishing this book. To help people, like you, which are in the same situation I was, and managed to escape.

You see, it isn't only about what you eat. It's more about your relationship to food, how you eat and making small changes to your lifestyle that add up to a huge achievement. Not only can you lose excess weight easily, but you will also feel healthier and happier than ever. Which is for me more important at the first stage, than weight loss. For example: You don’t like to do something, you are more likely to discontinue it, correct?

This book will walk you through these lifestyle changes and tell how each one will benefit you without throwing good money after bad on fad diets that simply don't work.

All this comes from the heart, my personal experience, and what I learned throughout my life, travels, and studies. Don't just take my word for it, though. Read on and find out how you can improve your life.

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