Practical Lessons and Life Applications to Become the Best Version of You!

Have you ever felt like something was missing in your life? Or asked yourself why you do not have the life you dreamed you would at this point? Or thought, I wish I had better relationships, that I were making strides in my life, that I felt better about myself.

Wishing will not make your dreams become a reality, but You can!

I spent my upbringing in complete turmoil. My father was an angry alcoholic and so my family was a model of dysfunction. I had undiagnosed ADHD and questioned what normal looked like regularly. Believe me, I get it. Unfortunately, those feelings and struggles did not go away when I left home and started life as an adult; they don’t!

So, what can create positive change in your life and empower you going forward? Creating a Growth Mindset, working through the nine factors you control, along with your thoughts, choices and actions, can and will create change in your life! There are many self-growth books on the market today, my book is different. It is 26-weeks (lessons) of guided self-growth with life applications for you to do; it is an instruction manual for what you can do through your thoughts and actions to become the best version of you and to create the life you desire!


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