When faced with a setback in our vision of the world, how do we react?
Where do we find strength in a time of hardship? How do we work through wanting to give up?
We all have something we go back to— a book, a poem, or a belief — that helps us pause and recommit to our purpose. 💪

Something that affirms our convictions, gives us power, and allows us to move ahead. And that “something” is often taught to us at a very young age. 👦🏽🧒🏼

Hi, my name is Latoya and I have taught biology to children for more than 8 years. Through my years as an instructor, I learned that teaching kids how to climb the mountain takes more than a little bit of effort. This is what I found out: Children learn how to persist in the face of hardship by observing patterns, and interactions in their environment and in nature. I wrote this book 📗 with the intention to teach them one of life’s most important lessons: The ability to keep moving forward.

In my book, I use familiar animals and patterns to teach Children that everything moves forward and so should they. 🐘🦓🐅🦌🦒 Because life and circumstances do get better. And because birds don’t fly backwards.🕊️

This book was creatively written to bring one of life's most beneficial lesson to light in their minds. The power to move forward. The book uses commonly known animals to show that everything moves forward and so should they because life and circumstances will get better.

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