Dawn of the New Age Series Book 1 

The Lore fractured, and from its destruction, came the millenniums of chaos…

Spring’s dawn chorus in the year 4983 of the Six Divines is like any other in the history of Kirafell and Aespire. The mood of its kingdoms, however, is anything but. The drums of war are poised to begin a deafening blood-soaked torrent, as a new generation of monarchs, warriors, and emperors cling to their fractured lands and consider the cards in their hands.

There are no heroes…
There are no villains…

There is only the threat of death and destruction as kings, emperors, families, loremasters, occultists, and gods vie for power in an ever-changing world. The best one can hope for is to survive and pray that the world is not swallowed in a flood of chaos and death, for in the year 5000, the Fifth Age will dawn in the wake of a great cataclysm that will decide the fates of all… whether living or dead.


A personal note from the author:

If you enjoy grey characters, enormous maps, multiple viewpoints, and twisting plots; this is the book for you!

— Lochlan J. Evans


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