How One Woman Proved Systemic Racism in her Workplace and Kept her Job

All Ebony ever wanted was a chance to live the American Dream. But for someone who was living in poverty, struggling financially, and finding it hard to make ends meet, the dream was more like a fantasy with no hope of becoming a reality. That is, until the day Ebony got a job with an organization, after years of working dead end jobs, that put her one step closer to living the American Dream. But her dream quickly turned into a nightmare when she became a victim of systemic racism in employment, was stripped of all dignity, confidence, and strength, and was left with three choices: suffering in silence to keep her job, resigning to keep her sanity, or waiting to be unjustly fired. Will she survive?


Read online Hush Money by Jacquie Abram, Deborah Harris and Delilah Harris

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