Emanuel Shahaf has succeeded in producing a book that reflects both a rich career in the field together with a profound understanding of the deeper significance of the period he has lived through. Any person either interested in experiencing a period of active life in the region or who wishes to delve into the culture and characteristics of key figures who made history will benefit considerably from a very good read. Ephraim Halevy, 9th Director of the Mossad.

Part autobiography, part concise political treatise, Emanuel Shahaf tells his story from childhood in Germany, how he found his destiny in the Jewish State, served in the Israel Air Force and later on as Mossad Head of Station in South East Asia. His path leads him to insights of significance in the rapidly changing world that Israel has to adapt to. His political engagement in conjunction with his diverse background and experience has taught him to consider identities for a new Israel that are of relevance to all those who have Israel’s future at heart. An easy and sometimes funny read with an optimistic outlook for all those who are concerned about the path Israel is taking today.

The book outlines a new and unique approach that may enable a resolution of the deadlock Israel has found itself in politically and diplomatically, an approach that doesn’t belong to either side of the political map.

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