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Personal message from the author:

I am writing this because I feel privileged to have an opportunity of knowing or engaging with your concerns, confusion or needs, and leading you to better healthy living.

I am writing this because I have powerful knowledge to share and would like more people to embrace the knowledge. I want to empower their actions towards reduced cancer risk and enhanced well-being.

I am also writing this because the world needs more actions to prevent cancer. It’s exciting and comforting that new breakthroughs have advanced cancer treatments and cures. However, cancer is still the number-two killer disease in the United States and the world at large—right after heart disease—with nearly ten million cancer deaths in 2018 alone.

To those of you who feel powerless about cancer, I’m holding each of your hands and walking down a bright path with you because the process is available and progress is attainable.

To those who want to prevent cancer but are at a loss about how to do so, I’m here for you as a caring and sound adviser to guide you through your challenges.

I’m also giving you a high five and an enthusiastic cheer to those who have lived by healthy lifestyles so far! Keep it up. Nevertheless, this book may benefit you even more.

Finally, I have an enduring message. If you take preventive measures and live a healthy lifestyle, you are on track to have a healthy heart and a healthy body that will most likely remain cancer-free, and you will have a healthier, happier, and longer life.

I say this because my unique combination of medical background, research expertise and dynamic experience have helped me gain valuable insights into what cancer and cardiovascular disease have in common and how to prevent these chronic illnesses altogether.

— Hui Xie-Zukauskas PhD

About the book

Discover how to prevent Cancer! Cancer is like an earthquake inside a human body that takes away life mercilessly. Just like an earthquake, cancer can strike out of nowhere, and the consequence of both is the same: the loss of millions of lives. Yet unlike an earthquake, cancer does not occur overnight, but instead develops over time. The good news is that many cancers are preventable! Dr. Hui Xie-Zukauskas shares a comprehensive blueprint for cancer prevention. She addresses how cancer risk factors exist and influence our lives while sharing expert insights and tips to attain a healthier body and a life made better with more energy, fewer worries, and less illness. In her guide, she helps you learn how to: -identify and avoid cancer risks in daily life; -stay vigilant about the risk factors and warning signs for common cancers; -integrate cardiovascular health and cancer prevention; -achieve healthy eating with more cancer-fighting foods; and -maximize the natural defense against cancer. Key Strategies for Cancer Prevention offers a step-by-step roadmap that leads to optimal health through biomedical science, proven strategies, and actionable ideas to keep cancer at bay. It is your power to invest in your well-being!


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