Magic's Charlie Book 1

When her brother is injured in a hit-and-run accident, shy daydreamer Charlie discovers she has powers beyond her wildest dreams. Journeying to a new world and being caught up in the political unrest of an alien country pushes Charlie to confront her fears and learn to be the leader she was born to be.

While Charlie heads off on her adventures across the country, Peterson, her brother, learns to confront his own helplessness in this new world. Along the way he discovers that even though he may not have the power his sister does, he is still able to make important choices and help forge new paths between worlds.

Together, with their new-found friends, Charlie and Peterson confront the powers that wish to destroy the balance of Magic on this far-flung alien world.

Magic’s Charlie is a rousing coming-of-age tale chock full of magic, adventure, and valuable lessons about the love between family and friends.

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