We have been waiting for this FIFA World Cup for almost 5 years.

As the return of FIFA World Cup 2022 is approaching, football fanatics are excited, especially after it was postponed due to the Covid pandemic. It will be the first time this event will be held in the Arab world, and everyone is thrilled. Apart from the football expectations of the World Cup, we will likely see the rich culture and what Qatar has to offer enthusiastic soccer supporters globally.

The FIFA World Cup Qatar game is scheduled to run from 20th November to 18th December this year. As the date nears, people anticipate this particular event's onset. But did you know you can also start experiencing the fun times that come with the World cup early enough?

If you have a son and would want to spend a quality fun time, you may as well start now. In this article, I have compiled five must-have items that fathers and sons need during this waiting period and when the event finally kicks off. It doesn't matter whether you are making this trip to Qatar or not. These items are a must-have.

What Are The Must-Have FIFA World Cup Fan Items?

Qatar 2022 World Soccer Game Wall Chart Schedule Poster

Now, if you don't have this Game wall chart by now, you are doing both of you an injustice. It is almost a crime in football not to know the game plan out of the 32 qualified teams set to play against each other. You don't want to embarrass yourselves when the first match begins due to ignorance.

This wall chart is a perfect item to have hanging on your wall. It is a World Cup schedule with details and what particularly interests me is that it comes parked in two packets. You may take one as a father and give the other to your son or hang it on different walls.

I like how it contains the schedules, groups, and tournament details of the dates and times of each game. What a delight! With these details, there is no room for confusion and the likelihood of missing any upcoming match.

Qatar World Soccer Game Wall is one for books, and I am sure your son will highly appreciate it because it is easy to hang. Therefore, as the father, you can allow your son to take the lead in hanging it on the wall, which is even more fascinating and fulfilling. What’s better is that the poster itself can be placed on door signs or even whiteboards.

Boys can be clumsy sometimes, but you have nothing to fret about with this game-wall poster. It has high-quality PET film for added durability and is waterproof and tear-resistant. It is also reusable, and you can also write on it with a marker. This is good if you and your son root for which teams are likely to win. I must add that this game wall is colorful and of good size.

2022 Qatar FIFA Panini World Cup Sticker Box

If you are looking for FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 gifts, this is one of the excellent collectibles you need. It is a memorable gift that fathers can give to their sons and vice versa.

I like that the price is pocket friendly and that it is available on Amazon.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 stickers may become unavailable due to the rising daily demand. Therefore, if you are planning to get a hold of one for your son, I encourage you to do it soon. It is one of the plausible stickers you will not regret having.

I particularly love that it is the first ever US version collectible since the 1970 edition, with limited edition parallel stickers of non-foil stickers randomly inserted in the packets.

I love that this sticker box has adequate packs of stickers, a whole 50 Packs with five stickers per pack. Its packaging is also excellent, so your packets are safe and secure.

What strikes me the most is that this particular sticker box has all sorts of color packets, whether blue, purple, or green. It has you covered.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Official Guide, by Keir Radnedge

With this profile event happening soon, you would want to know all the facts and illustrations. Therefore, if you want to be your son's father of the year, you can't afford to stay without this guidebook.

I like that this guide covers every detail of the tournament and the host cities of the Qatar World Cup 2022. Apart from this, it captures the complete profiles of all the 32 qualified teams and the star players' magic moments in the past World Cup. It's an exquisite guide to relieve these moments with your son.

Based on its details, this guide is a great must-have item in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. It will give you all the clues and statistics, not forgetting the incredible illustrated photographs of your favorite players.

You will marvel at the sight of this guide, and yes, I highly recommend it to be the perfect masterpiece accompaniment whether you will be attending this year's FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 or not. You can as well order it from amazon before the stock runs out. I like a good deal, and this guide is one of the best deals you will ever come across, go ahead and preorder now.

FIFA 23 Video Game

If you have not yet gotten your hands on FIFA 23, I can assure you that you must do so before the D-day lands. EA Sports finally released this title at the end of September, and you really have no excuse to play. FIFA 23 is EA Sports’ final installment within the FIFA series, and it has everyone talking. It was released for PC, PlayStation 4 & 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Google Stadia.

FIFA 23 comes with a crossplay degree which is available in FUT Champions, Online Seasons apart from Co-Op  Seasons, Online Friendlies, FUT Division Rivals apart from the co-op, FUT Play a Friend, FUT Ultimate Online Draft, and the Virtual Bundesliga.

You, however, need to know that crossplay is restricted to consoles that are within the same console generation. For instance, if you are on PS4, you can play with or against other players on the Xbox One but not on the Xbox series X/S or PS5 and vice versa.

The features, Hypermotion Technology, and game modes of this newly released game are to die for. It features women's and men’s World Cup game modes that replicate the 2022 FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023. This is the first FIFA entry to introduce women’s club football with players like Sam Kerr. Additional to its collection FIFA 23 features Xabi Alonso, Gerd Müller, and Jairzinho.

FIFA 23 will indeed give you a true-to-life glimpse of what's likely to come, and yes, it is a good way for fathers and sons to spend quality time together. The soundtrack features some of today's best artists like Bad Bunny, Rosalia, Danger Mouse, M.I.A, Jack Harlow, and more.

If you are in love with video games check also some upcoming video games.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Jerseys

If you want to spice your FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 game experience, then having the right outfit matters. It will revive your spirits whether you support different or the same teams. Adidas, Nike, and Puma have officially released the kits, and it is evident that everyone will be rocking their jersey to represent their favorite team. You don’t want to be left out.

We all know how a jersey shows team loyalty and support. The jerseys are all in colors, and choosing which one exudes your team's energy and creativity is up to you. I also like the fact that they come in different sizes so that you can have suitable sizes for both of you. Following the long wait, the stock may run out pretty soon, so why not head over to Amazon and get one or as many as you like early enough?

FIFA World Cup Qatar Official Match Ball “Al Rihla”

Al Rihla, the name of the ball, is borrowed from Arabic culture and could be translated as “the journey”.

The ball is white with gold details and features the official logo of the tournament. It is made from recycled materials and is ethically sourced. The ball has been designed to meet all FIFA standards and will be used during all matches of the tournament.

The ball features The CRT-CORE that provides an accurate and precise ball that is perfect for fast-paced action. It also has excellent air retention, meaning that it will keep its shape and not deflate over time. This benefits customers by giving them a product that they can use for a long time without having to worry about it losing its shape or becoming less accurate.

SPEEDSHELL, the other main feature of this new ball, is a new and improved PU skin with a 20-piece panel shape. The SPEEDSHELL also benefits from atextured surface that provides extra grip and control.

Downloadable Free FIFA World Cup Matches Calendar 2022 Qatar

FIFA World Cup Matches 2022 Qatar Calendar low res

(Click on the picture to download the printable version)

Final Thoughts on the Essential Qatar World Cup Gifts

The World Cup is known for energizing fans with magical soccer moments. From the look of things, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is set to be a phenomenal event to help football fanatics have an incredible game experience. It will definitely be worth the wait for fathers and sons who want to build a stronger bond. They simply can’t afford to miss out on this opportunity.

But to feel every moment and be part of all that will be happening, various items have been released. I haven’t been left out and have given you a list of must-have items for the upcoming event, from merchandise to games to collectibles.

I’m confident that they will help you prepare and be ready to experience this year’s World Cup to the fullest. Are you ready?

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