A Memoir for People Dealing with Depression and Anxiety that Extend Beyond Mere Thoughts

Understand CBT, root causes … mental illness achieve better mental health

Are you tired of feeling judged and misunderstood in your struggle with depression and anxiety? Do you wish there was a resource that could provide you with real, tangible strategies for overcoming these debilitating conditions?

Look no further. No, You Cannot JUST SNAP OUT OF IT! is the book millions of people around the world have been waiting for.

This is a unique, firsthand, enlightening journey into the heart of depression and anxiety
Author Evelyn S. Rodas shares her life-long experiences with these pervasive and disabling illnesses, revealing the shortcomings and misconceptions that often hurt actual patients and prevent effective treatment.

This book is a beacon of hope, shining a light on the need to reshape conversations about depression, anxiety, and mental illness.
Here's what you'll discover in No, You Cannot JUST SNAP OUT OF IT!:

  • The physiological, psychological, and environmental components behind depression
  • The common misconceptions about depression and why it's impossible for certain people to simply “snap out of it”
  • The latest scientific studies of the brain in relation to mental illness
  • Personal anecdotes and observations that provide an authentic perspective on depression and anxiety
  • Important information about relevant topics such as eating disorders, addictions, and suicide

By reading this book, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of the real meaning of depression and anxiety
  • Feel seen, heard, and understood in your struggle with mental illness
  • Find out that your mental illness may not be “mental” at all.
  • Discover the endless possible underlying health conditions that can cause depression, anxiety, and mental illness symptoms
  • Learn effective strategies to find relief, manage, and beat these maladies.

This book is a must-read for:

  • Anyone struggling with major depression and anxiety
  • Loved ones of individuals dealing with mental illness
  • Anyone interested in gaining new insights into these complex health issues
  • Mental health professionals interested in learning about these diseases through the lens of the patients
  • Groups and organizations working to end the stigma of mental illness
  • Suicide awareness organizations

No, You Cannot JUST SNAP OUT OF IT! is like no other book in its category. It's a lifeline for those who feel lost in their struggle with mental illness, a guide to help you take control of your health, feel happy again, and start living the life you deserve!

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Excerpt from No, You Cannot JUST SNAP OUT OF IT! © Copyright 2023 Evelyn Rodas

The World Health Organization states that more than 264 million people worldwide suffer from depression.

But what exactly IS depression?

Is depression real, or is it only in the mind?

Is it a disease of the soul?

Is depression heritable?

Should you see a psychologist or a psychiatrist for treatment?

Should you take medicine or not?

Author Evelyn Rodas gives answers to these questions and many more in her book No, you cannot Just Snap Out of It.

This story is about the author’s life-long struggle with one of the most pervasive diseases one can have. Through her book, Evelyn aims to create the awareness that the depression most people know about has almost nothing to do with the disease that very few have heard of. And she shows proven reasons why it’s impossible for certain people to simply “Snap out of it.”

The book exposes the shortcomings and misbeliefs that we run up against when trying to get a deeper understanding of depression, which often muddies the waters and prevents effective treatment, many times resulting in the loss of precious lives.

No, you cannot Just Snap Out of It seeks to shed light on the need to reshape conversations about depression, anxiety, and mental illness and on the urgent need to explore other concepts more in tune with their real meaning.

Artfully written with a heartfelt voice and packed with fascinating observations overlooked for years, this book is an enlightening read that expertly weaves personal anecdotes, scientific studies, the latest information, and valuable advice. By providing soul-searching questions and challenges to one’s preconceptions it allows you to see how a different approach can be the right solution for you.

At a time when so many people are suffering silently, No, you cannot Just Snap out of It! aims to be their voice.

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