Binding Souls Book 1

Welcome to Parl, where magic intertwines with faith and burgeoning industry, where a shadow looms on the horizon. An ancient and malevolent force, once vanquished by heroes known as the legendary “Binders,” has awakened anew. This darkness has found a new acolyte that threatens to cast the world into the abyss.

As this ancient evil unfurls its tendrils, seeking to ensnare the world in apocalyptic ruin, can new champions emerge to confront this menace? At the center of this maelstrom stands the last of the Binders, a beacon of hope and defiance. Bearing the weight of legacy and the scars of past battles, this guardian must forge a path for the new heroes, mentoring and guiding them against the encroaching darkness. The battle for the soul of Parl begins now-where every choice, every alliance, and every magic cast could tilt the scales between salvation and doom.

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Excerpt from Parl: Of Magic, Monsters, and Mystictheia by Robert Caldwell © Copyright 2024 Robert Caldwell

With a forceful shove, the mage knight slammed the doors of the temple shut, the heavy oak panels thudding together with a resounding bang that seemed to momentarily overpower the chaos outside. He turned to face the huddled group he had guided to safety—a motley assemblage of terrified men, women, children, and the elderly. Their faces, marked by fear and exhaustion, reflected the horror they had just escaped. Some bore visible wounds, while others clung to each other in despair, their eyes wide with shock. A few lay completely incapacitated, overwhelmed by the ordeal.

Outside, the cacophony of battle raged on, its brutal symphony seeping through the thick stone walls of the temple. The clamor of clashing steel, the desperate screams of soldiers, and the relentless roar of flames created a nightmarish soundscape. Above them, the once magnificent stained-glass windows, now shattered, allowed the harrowing sounds of war to infiltrate the sacred space. Smoke from the burning town outside crept through the broken windows, casting eerie, dancing shadows over the sanctuary's interior.

Amid chaos and despair, the temple stood as a fragile beacon of peace and safety amidst the violence that raged outside. Its once hallowed walls now echoed with the fear and desperation of those sheltered within. Marcus, a middle-aged mage knight of the College of Magic, surveyed the room…

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