A Guide For Toddlers Going On An Airplane

An informative rhyming guide for toddlers going on a airplane for the first time.

Preparing For Flight is a delightful and engaging book designed specifically to prepare young children and toddlers for their first flight experience. This fun and friendly guide takes young travelers on a realistic journey through the world of air travel, easing any fears or anxieties they may have.

With vibrant real-life photos and age-appropriate language, this book introduces children to the excitement of flying. From arriving at the airport and checking in, to going through security and boarding the airplane, each step of the journey is explained in a clear and reassuring, and rhyming manner. Young readers will learn about making their way through the airport, what to expect during take-off and landing, and how to stay comfortable during the flight.

Packed with interactive elements Preparing For Flight encourages children to actively participate and engage with the guide. It also addresses common concerns children may have, such as the noise of the engines or the sensation of being in the air.

Whether your little one is embarking on their first family vacation or visiting loved ones in a faraway place, this guide will help them feel confident and excited about their upcoming flight.


  • Relieve some anxieties they may feel about flying
  • Embark on an educational and entertaining journey to prep your child
  • Awaken the excitement of flying
  • Encourage confidence and joy in your child as they look forward to their flying adventure
  • Inspire their imagination to new heights as they learn about airports and airplanes
  • And SO much more!

It does not matter if this is your child’s first flight or not. This guide will thoroughly prepare your child for what’s to come and they will look forward to every step in their journey.

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