Finally Free From Bitterness and Resentment

I am a survivor of childhood sexual abuse by a family friend and my faith in God along with my passion from prayer, emotional freedom and deliverance have been a tremendous help in setting me free from unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment.

This book details the process that I went through to break free from the shackles of unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment after betrayal, neglect, abandonment, rejection and abuse. It is founded on Biblical teachings and principles and has helped many people heal from the aftermath of divorce, domestic violence, emotional and physical abuse. It provides actionable steps and practical exercises to help uncover hidden wounds, heal from the pain and restore emotional and spiritual peace.

–Leontine S. Osuagwu

Bitterness and resentment are two of the greatest destiny robbers in people’s lives today. They keep many stuck and prevent them from experiencing the abundant life that Jesus died to give them.

If you’ve ever been traumatized, abused, misunderstood, rejected, betrayed or taken advantage of and have allowed bitterness and resentment to influence your thinking and your behavior, this book is for you. It is a step by step comprehensive roadmap that will enlighten you, liberate you and empower you to let go, take life by the throat and soar into your destiny.

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