Life is unpredictable, and happiness is never expected nor guaranteed.

Omid and Bahar defy the odds and jointly discover euphoria when a blind date converges their separate lives onto one path.

After twenty years of conjugal bliss, however, life’s journey changes course with the grappling news: Omid is terminally ill with cancer. Bahar must take charge of his care while struggling with her own untimely diagnosis and potential bankruptcy as she resumes her law career and safeguards their two young children. If someone had asked Bahar several years ago to envision her life’s journey through an illustration on canvas, her masterpiece would depict brush strokes of eternal health, happiness, love, and prosperity.

With unwavering love, her life is devastatingly marred by the unraveling of her dreams. Confronted by her unrelenting hardships, Bahar searches within herself to readjust her life’s path through newfound strength and perseverance, while yearning for renewed hope.


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