Rising Series Book 3

A personal message from the author:

Rise Unstoppable was written to celebrate the tenacity and the capacity we all possess to transform and rise to be an unstoppable force.

In these pages, I offer my thoughts on self-love, personal care, healing, and growth in the face of the obstacles, and trauma life sends our way. While I do not claim expertise, I have learned a few lessons along life’s adventure that I am eager to share. I hope you find my poetic prose, affirmations, and verse relatable, and come away with an existential, and lasting experience.

— Michelle G Stradford

Rise Unstoppable is organized in the following chapters: Self-Care, Transform, Amplify, Rise, and Unstoppable. Each section offers comfort, encouragement, and perspective on life experiences.

Go ahead and peer in, the author is an open book with words to spare. Borrow as many as you need. Cling to them as you fall off to sleep or repeat a verse in the morning to remind you of how amazing you are. You own the ability to change, grow, rise to accomplish anything.

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