How everyone can learn to take charge and get the most out of their health journey

This is a book written by a Hematology and Medical Oncology physician in clinical practice. She writes from more than 14 year experience in the medical field. She provides helpful pointers to help people learn to be efficient self-advocates in health matters. It can be overwhelming keeping up with medical tests, changes in medications, other doctors and health professionals to see, and next steps to remember in medical care. This is particularly so for people who have a lot of medical conditions, or are supporting loved ones with the same. The author believes that everyone can learn to “self-navigate for health”, or be their very own guide and self-advocate in health matters. After reading the book and completing the exercises, the reader will convinced, confident and better able to take charge of their health journey. Also, the book is great for reference and self-help. The reader is sure to want to share what he or she has learned with others.

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