Sales is a Battle – Prepare. Approach. Cut!

The Sales Process is a battle. Win or lose.

The essence of Sales is to increase personal income. It starts with a mental attitude and an emotional fortitude! Without it, the battle is already lost.

Every sales professional can improve. Can earn more. Can secure returning sales. You too! Selling the Samurai Way takes you through the mindset of a warrior. It teaches you the right approach to enter the Sales process:

  • Mentally
  • Emotionally
  • Physically

It demonstrates the preparation needed and then the attitude to cutand close the deal with respect.

Michael Cordier has been part of several start-up companies and has grown them to national brands in their industries. He is well-versed in developing effective sales teams and company-specific sales philosophies. Principles from Selling the Samurai Way were extensively used to reach sales targets for individuals and company sales targets.

Selling the Samurai Way is a unique approach to an age-old desire to improve the individual’s ability to be more successful in Sales. It takes lessons from the warrior to find the middle way in battle. It teaches how to strike appropriately and hard. It demonstrates loyalty and respect for the opponent. Laying the foundation for a powerful seminar, Selling the Samurai Way is a free-standing resource that every sales professional or sales manager should have on their reading list.

“A lot of sales training is focused on product knowledge and closing techniques. The mental/emotional part of the sales process is often neglected. It is automatically assumed that sales professionals get up in the morning, ready to go and conquer the world. That is not true. It is often a silent battle to generate enthusiasm and believe in oneself. ‘Selling the Samurai Way' addresses the emotional fortitude and mental toughness to execute a negotiation successfully.”
Michael Cordier

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