Life is limited in time. We grow up, experience  a lot, we learn what we love, but most of the times we learn to love things that others (or culture) suggest to love.

When someone is asking the above question “What Are We Supposed To Do In Life?”, means that he is open to experience more than just living day by day. You are ready for more.

I. First of first

Collect things you love to do in your life, these are mainly everyday activities, be as precise as you can. I give some hints:

  1. Play/Make music
  2. DIY
  3. Painting, Arts
  4. Writing stories either blog, science book, drama, screenplay
  5. Teaching or mentoring
  6. Being in the nature, taking care about plants
  7. Sports
  8. Photography
  9. Speaking or going out with friends
  10. Programming
  11. Others

For example I love cooking, I like to watch others cooking too, healthy, spicy foods from all over the world. I am not vegetarian, but I know what healthy food means. Someone said in the past:

[tweetthis url=””]You are what you eat .[/tweetthis]



II. Eliminate things that are not you

Remember what your parents said in your childhood ‘don't do this and that' or that you learned at school ‘you are not smart enough to do that' or even your friends hinted ‘you should not go out with that girl'. These barriers and habits are not you.

There nothing bad in trying out things, you are adult in a sense of choices, you can make now your own decisions.

For example in my childhood I was told in the school that I could not speak in public, because I was introvert. Some years later at my workplace I gave a public presentation about Project Management to about 100 people.


III. Find things you specially like

You remember moments in your life, that was special? Collect them

  1. Sitting next to the fire
  2. Giving surprise to someone without any reason
  3. Smell of you grandmother's house
  4. Lying on your back in high grass in the middle of nowhere
  5. Seeing your friend smiling
  6. Light a candle
  7. Steam of fresh coffee and a lot of other things

steam of coffee


Finding special things helps you to discover the world around you. Helps you to listen.

IV. Accept yourself as you are

You are not a bad human, everyone has bad moments, angry afternoons, bad habits, just accept yourself.

[tweetthis url=””]Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them – Albert Einstein [/tweetthis]

No, it is not an easy task, you should do this day by day. You should accept more things you would realize, you body shape, you voice tone, your thoughts, your intentions, even your bad habits, everything that is described as you.

V. The reason of your life?

Most of the people said, that you are because some God decided to be here. I can tell you that very spirit was you, who decided to be here.

[tweetthis url=””]Explore yourself, in your actions, in your decisions, in the music you hear, in the people who are surrounding you.[/tweetthis]

You can either choose to work your dream work and express your feelings, thoughts in your work or you can have a hobby. Take time for important things holiday, having rest, going out.

There is nothing enlightened in going to a monastery among people you are not knowing or meditating all day long. Meditate on the train you will traveling with, during reading a book. If you have some idea, make it real, you want to travel to New Zealand, travel in the next week.

[tweetthis url=””]Just be.[/tweetthis]

Only the sky isthe limit.