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The human Ego is a really tricky creature. As I wrote in a previous article, Ego is not a bad creature it focuses on the physical world, needs a lot of attention that is why other's opinion or attention is so important for the Ego. However our Ego is a core part of us, you could not get rid of yourself.

I said Ego is tricky because he or she always wants to hold the control, wants to dominate your every minute. Your inner-self is more likely to sit in the corner and waits patiently.

Our culture is dominated by the human Egos. We don't care about each other, we do not listen to each other, because we did not understand that there is much more behind the Ego. Life is not just a game, the goal isn't to defeat each other, or to be rich guys. I read an article some days ago about how to improve the happiness in your life, and there was “zero” argument that is related to wealth or money. If you want to be happy there is nothing to do with money.

hands-tiedDo not try to control your Ego, it would not change anything. Try to accept and understand how it works, how it formed since your childhood. Your Ego absorbed your parents' habits, mastered how to gain attention, learned every bias from the culture.

When you understand the mechanism of Ego, next time you will have a decision point in every situation. Your mind will know what your Ego would answer on that exact situation, and you could decide either to choose the answer of Ego, or choose something else.

Live in harmony with your Ego, do not suppress him or her. There is nothing wrong when you let your Ego prevail. Consciousness is the key, do not let yourself react automatically, because your Ego can fool you.