A quote from the book:

I was born wounded, but I chose to be born. I choose this life not for simplicity but for the insurmountable challenges. Where will I fill my empty heart? Where will I find the one true peace? I have the right to ask where the answers are as well as the hope because without this hope and peace, I am nothing.

— Alexis Acker-Halbur

Claudia Matthew's abuser was not a stranger, a boyfriend, or a husband. He was her father–the one person who should unconditionally protect and love her. During a blustery February blizzard, Claudia risks the weather and ventures to the only place where she feels safe–Banning State Park–with one purpose.

Claudia's plan is interrupted when a mystical stranger appears and struggles to take away the gun. Plummeting off a cliff on the rocky and frozen Kettle River, they journey together into a den of transformation.

For readers who love “The Shack” by William P. Young, this story augments the ideas of survival vs. death and faith vs. fear.

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