If you like delicious recipe books, than this list is definitely for you. We are searching for recipes which includes beer as an ingredient.

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50 easy recipes for cooking with beer: Why not eat what you like to drink?, by Lachlan Anderson

For any beer lover this book shows a new way to enjoy beer. Lachlan Anderson (author of a Scottish cookbook) has put together his 50 most liked recipes with beer. He ensured they are tasty, heartful and not too difficult to cook.

The book is separated into a Appetizers & Bread, a Main Courses and a Dessert section. The intended outcome of every single beer recipe is shown with a photo. All recipes are on a step-by-step basis, easy to follow and give an exact preparation time.

Why not eat what you like to drink?

The American Craft Beer Cookbook, by John Holl

There's a revolution going on in the beer world. The food you eat should be just as delicious as the beer you drink and award-winning beer journalist John Holl captures the best of the brewery and brewpub menus in his latest book, The American Craft Beer Cookbook. The 155 recipes cover breakfast to dessert, with vegetarian and gluten free options along with soups, seafood and more.

The Beer Kitchen, by Melissa Cole

When a recipe calls for ‘beer' do you have the first clue of what you should add? When was the last time you read a recipe that really specified a beer style, or even suggested a few different brands from the bewildering array on the shelves? Good news, this book does all that and more.

Cooking with Beer, by Mark Dredge

A beer with your food is a great thing. But what about beer in your food? It's an even better thing! The next step for any beer lover is to try using beer as an ingredient, and that's where “Cooking with Beer” comes in. Self-confessed beer geek Mark Dredge has combined two of his passions—great brews and delicious food—to come up with over 65 awesome recipes using beer as a key component.

Food on Tap, by Lori Rice

Discover new ways to savor your favorite beer with 60 traditional and inventive recipes.

In the age of craft beer, the varieties seem endless. From floral IPAs to rich porters and stouts, and tart lambic ales to gluten-free options, there is a beer for every taste. Food on Tap is an accessible guide to using these delicious brews to add complex flavor and exciting twists to classic and new recipes such as Sausage Crusted Helles and Kale Quiche, Summer Saison Tomato Bisque, Barleywine Beef Short Rib Stew and Chocolate Pecan Coconut Porter Cake.

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