Children have playful imaginations, and as their loving parents and guardians, it is our job to keep their minds flickering with that spirit of adventure! We can do this by playing with them, figuring out their thoughts, and the easiest of all, by letting them read fantasy books. If you are looking for amazing reads for your little ones, here are some of the best children fantasy books they can read.

The Peacock Door: Ancient Pathways and Hidden Keys, by Wanda Kay Knight

A magical tale of bravery, loyalty, and perseverance, the story of The Peacock Door: Ancient Pathways and Hidden Keys started when eight cousins are gifted with a ramshackle treehouse by their grandma. In this, they have one rule to obey: only use the doors for comings and goings. However, the trouble started when two of them entered the prohibited treehouse doors. More trouble is that the rest of the cousins followed.

Their journey to find home is full of unexpected bumps as they unfold mysteries, escape evil, search for one another and seek the all-powerful Oracle. Wanda Knight explored the beauty of love between cousins and their determination to save each other until the end.

A Wizard's Guide To Defensive Baking, by T. Kingfisher

The city needs to be defended, but the thirteen year old girl Mona finds herself different from other wizards who protect their place. She can’t even take control of lightning nor perform magic in water. However, her magic is effective on bread. Way back at her aunt’s bakery, she has a cozy and pleasant life making gingerbread move and dance. That may seem a little thing until she found a corpse in her place.

She realized that a killer is looming around the city, hunting the magic folk and his next victim, Mona herself. On the other side, the city is becoming more chaotic and Mona is torn between prioritizing the assassin and to not act upon the situation. The responsibility of solving these mysterious events are in Mona’s hands now. Find out how the story went by reading this page-turner book by Kingfisher.

The Girl Who Drank the Moon, by Kelly Barnhill

This is a New York Times Best Seller book written in 2017. The story is a light middle-grade fantasy with witches, dragons, some swamp creatures and a lot of magic. If you are looking a page turner novel this story is definitely a good choice. It's a simple and enchanting fairytale that keeps readers up, while it gets kids lost under waves of various emotions.

False Value, by Ben Aaronovitch

Book 8 of the Rivers of London series, Aaronovitch brings us to another epic journey that starts with a guy named Peter Grant who decided to take a job at the Serious Cybernetic Company (SCC) owned by Terrence Skinner, the tech genius, in London. This time, Peter must adjust to his new environment and be in good terms with people who are smarter than he is. Well, Peter thinks this would be much easier than his last job.

However, what Peter does not know is that Terrence Skinner has a deep secret inside the SCC. Well, it’s a technology linked to the past and stretches forward to the world of artificial intelligence. If you want to unfold the next events of Peter’s journey inside his work, indulge yourself with this book prepared by Aaronovitch.

A Tale of Magic, Chris Colfer

Brystal Evergreen found herself in the secret section of the library and learned that she’s a fairly capable of magical things! The problem is, women in the Southern Kingdom are forbidden from reading and magic is unlawful. Therefore, Brystal is immediately convicted of her crimes and delivered to the miserable Bootstrap Correctional Facility. When she thought that everything had come to an end, the mysterious Madame Weatherberry entered the scene.

This lady helped Brystal to be enrolled in an academy of magic. Suddenly, Madame Weatherberry is summoned to attend to an important problem yet she doesn’t return. Now, Brystal and her classmates are forced to face a sinister plot that endangers the world. Do you think she and her friends are capable of stopping the threatening destruction?

Wizard Draconic, by Rodney Hartman

Hartman introduces us to wizard scouts, the elite fighting force of the Intergalactic empire. However, even these fighters have limitations. This time, the destiny of the three galaxies is threatened as two massive space armadas assemble. These two space armadas share one goal: to destroy the other. Wizard scout Rick and his battle computer Nick, with the elf high priestess Jeena now formulate a plan to keep these opposite forces at bay and seek out dragon allies that hold the key to the success of past, present, and future battles.

But, never did they know that the journey in finding these dragon allies will require them to make decisions that need the strongest of the hearts. Faced with overwhelming possibilities, the three are asked to do the impossible for the welfare of the empire. In the end, it will only come down to two things: courage and sacrifice. Ready your heart tonight, and delve in this epic world by Hartman.

Escape from the Roller Ghoster, by Andres Miedoso

In the eleventh haunted adventure of the Desmond Cole Ghost Patrol series, Desmond and Andres will try to visit a scary roller-ghoster in the Kersville Amusement Park! Aside from the fun that they can get, the people think that the park is a bit haunted. If you want to share the same experience, join Desmond and Andres in their nerve-racking day at the amusement park. With illustrations on every page and easy-to-read language inside, this book is perfect for emerging readers!

Mandy's Pet Shop: A pet shop for monsters, by Zack Shada

Children will be thrilled to join Decker as he visits Mandy’s Pet Shop and finds that things have vastly changed. Instead of cats and dogs, the place is full of monsters! But Mandy, the owner, explained the series of events and introduced Decker to a bunch of adorable monsters to help him find the perfect pet. She also teaches Decker to not judge a book by its cover. With wall rhymes and colorful illustrations, this book might be the perfect one for your kids!

Children grow up so fast, and before you know it, their spirit of adventure will soon fade away. Before you let this happen, make sure that they will get their fair share of good times with amazing story books! Always take a look back in this list of the best children fantasy books, and after they’ve finished their previous books, make sure to get new ones so their adventures will be never-ending.

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