We all know from our instincts that matter isn't the ultimate reality of experience. Just think about the thoughts, they are more like invisible signals that pop up from the nowhere. An important part of our world like emotions, feelings, and thoughts are not even matter related.

We do like to mix metaphysical and visionary, but generally they are completely different genres if we speaking about books. Metaphysical books are playing with the unknown dimensions, they want to pioneer what could happen behind the known physical world. While visionary books are about a future, they present a certain vision, an insight about the future. Maybe the vision isn't close to reality, they strong enough to show a lesson to the people of now.

When we read a metaphysical or visionary fiction we are thinking beyond matter. We want to experience a mind-blowing story, where nothing is grounded. In the following list, we collected our favorite books from the past for you, and also new and upcoming candidates. This list will be a mix of traditional adventure fiction, sci-fi, spiritual, old and brand new books.

The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho

This is a divisive book. When I first read as a young adult my first taught was: I love it. This spiritual new age book has definitely a message to readers.

We should to never give up our dreams and ourselves, no matter what happens to us.

The Celestine Prophecy, by James Redfield

The Celestine Prophecy is close to my heart, it is such a great thing when you first understand the true meaning of synchronicity and you actually discover it really works.

The protagonist of this fiction book starts his journey in the rainforests of Peru, where he discovers nine manuscripts which reveal the deeper meanings of life.

Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell

We have many timelines and characters in this story, but one thing connects the whole. David Mitchell is the master of such a storytelling. We enjoyed this book even when we lost in somewhere in the dystopian future.

Illusions, by Richard Bach

The book introfuces two barn-storming pilots who meet in the Midwestern United States. One of them became the teacher the other the student. They reveal the discovery about our world, that it is more or less an illusion.

In the book we learn interesting concept about past lives, observation and miracles.

Winter World, by A.G. Riddle

One of our favorite visionary sci-fi book.

A new ice age is around the corner, people are forced to leave their homes in order to find  still habitable places. But humans aren't the species who could handle global issues very well, they quickly became devastated only a group of scientists could figure out what is behind the sudden cold weather.

Neuromancer, by William Gibson

This cyberpunk novel is definitely one of the first of it's kind.

Case the protagonist of the book, a hacker who is hired by a mysterious organization called Armitage. Case quickly meets with a cyborg called Molly and an illusionist Peter Riviera in order to perform several crimes. The strong Tessier-Ashpool family created two AIs called Wintermute and Neuromancer which are so powerful that they can only connect in one way. If you like ASI (Artificial Super Intelligence) fictions this is the book for you.

Conjunction (The Wise Society), by A.D. Zoltan and Steven N. Nagy

This is a pretty new science fiction novel, with many metaphysical elements. If you like first contact books, this book will offer something new. The plot is unique and very challenging in many ways. It's interesting to see  spiritual elements in a sci-fi adventure books, but it happened Conjunction not only introduces an utopia to readers but also a new way to perceive the future.


These were the best metaphysical and visionary fiction books we read. I need to say this is quite a diverse list, with literature fiction to science fiction. I hope everybody will find some new favourite in this book list. 


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