Tales of Terror

9 Chilling Tales set in the beautiful country of Thailand. 6 teens meet in a local cemetery on Friday night and tell scary stories until one night they meet the ghost of a murdered girl. Can they help solve her murder before the killer gets to them?

Fear. It’s the strongest of human emotions one can possess. The mystery of a cemetery, the allure of the darkness and the secrets it keeps is what draws the Cemetery Six to their gathering every Friday night. Until the spirit of a murdered girl asks for their help. And the only answer is yes.

A love of horror is what bonds them, the tradition of telling bone-chilling tales under the midnight moon is what brings these six friends together. Only now there is a seventh, ready to tell her own vivid nightmare. Drawn into their visitor’s sinister recollection, the Six are determined to stop the vicious murderer that has never been found.

The Cemetery Six will soon learn that some secrets within the tombs hold a terrifying reality. Will they be able to overcome the fear and find the truth, or will they succumb to the fate of their own horror?

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