Cosmic Dragons vs. Alien Dinosaurs with interference from angels, demons, gods, and goddesses from all of mythology!

Mythologies, religion, and science clash in an epic conflict for the ages!

  • The Most Powerful characters ever written
  • The Highest Stakes ever put to paper
  • Every mystery of the universe explored
  • One Epic Novel!

An all-seeing T-Rex recalls the violent and tragic history of the cosmos including Heaven's War, the Titan War, Ragnarok, and the Apocalypse. These catastrophic events converge as gods, goddesses, angels, and demons from all of mythology take sides in a war between Cosmic Dragons vs. Alien Dinosaurs!

It's a novel over 20 years in the making! You'll love this it because of its powerful and complex characters, multi-layered drama, action-packed battles, and high-stakes story!


Read online The Destroyer of Worlds by Steven Seril

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