Balancing Humanity and Technology: A Collection of Essays

Exploring the multifaceted equation between humanity and technology, The Future Equation features essays that encourage contemplation on the impacts of emerging innovations, from AI to VR and beyond, challenging readers to ponder ethical dilemmas and consciously construct the future we aspire to create.

The Future Equation: Balancing Humanity and Technology is a book that breaks down the relationship between technology and society. It offers essays discussing the influence of innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR). But it's not just about the tech.

The book raises ethical questions about AI, looks at how VR affects mental health and the way we work, and touches on big topics like data privacy and social media's role in democracy.

It encourages readers to think about our connection with technology and the challenges that come with rapid advancements. The content pushes readers to reflect and question our shared future in a tech-heavy world.

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