Prequel of The Calls From the Past Psychic Time Travel Stories

Old Coins, Hidden Secrets, and Supernatural Mysteries

A Psychic Time Travel Story

This psychic time travel fantasy-mystery fiction story introduces Amelia Blake, a curious and brave teenager, who develops unique abilities that only a previously-unknown older relative, shunned by her own parents, may be able to help her use effectively.

Old Coins, Hidden Secrets, and Supernatural Mysteries

For Amelia Blake, an inquisitive and dedicated teenager, high school seems so monotonous, especially history class, where lessons looked like a jumble of dry words and dates that she was supposed to memorize.

Then, bored while studying for a history test, she noticed a penny in the corner of her desk—an old, tarnished relic from 1861. Intriguingly, upon picking up the old coin, Amelia experienced a vivid dream about the Civil War. To her astonishment, she aced her history test the next morning.

Soon after, Amelia stumbled upon a mysterious letter accompanied by an invitation to visit Isabel Blake, a previously unknown relative in Dagrun, Massachusetts. The revelation startled her—she wasn't supposed to have any knowledge about her grandmother or the existence of the letter, as it had been concealed from her all this time. But why?

Resolved to find out, she decides to confront her parents and accept the invitation.

The unfolding events will not only test her resolve but also reshape her destiny.

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