The Little Book Series 1

If you are looking for relief from your pain, if you are looking for answers to your dilemmas, if you are tired of trying to figure out what happened to your life…you came to the right place.
If you think you do not need to learn about sanity, think again.
If you think you're totally fine but you keep experiencing repetitive situations where you are in fear, you are angry, you are just trying to survive and find no peace…you came to the right place.
You may not think you need to learn about sanity, but look around…how many books are on this topic? Consider this a book that is before it's time, and you have an opportunity to read something in one short sitting that can change the course of your life forever.
Take the leap, you will never look back.

Oriah Mirza is a former Trauma Life Coach Expert, Divorce Coach Expert and now Shaman for the last ten years operating a busy healing center in Malibu, CA with her world renowned Psychic Medium and Trance Channel husband Riz Mirza.


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