A Coalition Series Book 1

The story of Evan Abel moving from despair to hopefulness after a great struggle with a formidable nemesis.

In the vast and endless expanse of space, Evan Abel is living his life the way he always wanted, as the commander of a Coalition fighter protecting all that he holds dear.

Things are about to change for the peace loving Coalition, however, with death and chaos fast approaching in the form of a dangerous and relentless adversary who is just as capable and easily as determined as Evan to ensure victory.

Rul Ursan knows that the survival of his entire race depends on him and his ability to overcome the defenses of Coalition planets. With his own system dying and unlikely to survive for much longer without much needed resources, it was his senior council’s decision to take what they needed by force. And it worked, at least for a time.

Now Rul has found, in Evan, a man who is his equal on the cold battlefields of space and who is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect those who need it and defend his way of life.

But can two sworn enemies find mutual respect for one another amid the turmoil of war? And can solutions be found in their shared humanity that would ensure the survival of both before it’s too late?

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