A Young Adult Christian Supernatural Suspense, Religious Horror Novel

The Muladach Series Book 1

He turns their body art into ETERNAL works of art.

Only a Seer can stop him.

LIES lead to SECRETS. SECRETS can lead to MURDER…

Seventeen-year-old Ainsley Reynolds has worked hard to not bring attention to herself, preferring to silence her grief and find comfort over her father’s tragic death with a newfound love for junk food. But the curvy high school senior gets plenty of attention after she barrels down a book display when she spots a creature whispering into the ear of a woman at the local supermarket.

When that same woman turns up dead, her ornate tattoo meticulously torn out and framed, Ainsley soon finds herself caught up in a chilling series of murder cases involving the mysterious and deadly serial killer known as The Artist. Teaming up with the young homicide detective Alec Graham, Ainsley convinces him that the creature she saw is linked to the murders.

As the sightings increase and the body count continues to rise, Ainsley begins to grow closer to the source of the unsettling mystery – and the secrets lurking in Alec’s past. Why did the detective believe her so easily? Why are the demons drawn to her like a beacon? And what was her father really doing before he died?

The Artist has chosen his Final Masterpiece. Only Ainsley has the power to stop him before he kills again. But can she find the strength to finish her father's work?


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