A Guide to Unlock Your Inner Ceiba: The Maya Cosmic Tree (Inner Soul Alphabet)

“Our inner Ceiba tree is the home to our life experiences, which are influenced by our friends and family and everybody else around us. They are the main contributing factors affecting our inner balance, peace and happiness.”

The Power of ABCs offers a unique approach for transforming your deeply rooted experiences of lies, abuse and hatred into powerful words of wisdom. It provides intuitive insights and practical techniques for introspection, self-transformation and personal growth. Using the sacred Ceiba tree, the Mayan Tree of Life, you will be taken on an inspirational self-healing journey through the heart and soul of reality. You will learn how to turn the old definitions of love, acceptance, trust, and forgiveness into a higher level of self-awareness, based on life's lessons.

In this powerful, but easy-to-understand emotional intelligence book, you will learn:

  • How to use powerful 1000-year-old Mayan knowledge to find your true self and overcome self-doubt, with positive affirmations, meditation and self-discovery
  • Easy mental exercises that anybody can use to find calmness and serenity, which will allow you to overcome anxiety, even during periods of high stress and life challenges.
  • How to remove your own self-imposed limitations and find new levels of self-confidence, acceptance and inner beauty that will bring you success, new friends and give you the power to manifest love
  • 26 powerful interconnected words that build the foundation of your inner Ceiba and allow to discover your true identity and radiate positive energy

Open your heart and mind to receive the subtle magical powers of the captivating and majestic Maya Ceiba tree.


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