Addiction recovery has become a reality for many individuals and families around the world. Justin shares a lifetime of experience with addiction. He grew up in a home of active addiction resulting in a turbulent childhood in and out of foster care until he was eventually adopted. He became addicted himself due to this trauma leading him to become a seriously troubled youth. He entered recovery at the age of 17 and has been on a personal growth journey of recovery for the last two decades. He currently owns multiple treatment centers where he has worked with thousands of individuals as a recovery and spiritual teacher leading many to longterm success.

He undertook a study of addiction and recovery in his work creating The Recovery Success Plan to teach individuals the best ways to achieve success in recovery. His unique perspective combines CBT, 12 steps, Neuroscience, Spiritual and Success principles to help people understand the metaphysics of recovery. Come to understand, believe, and engage in what the recovery process is truly about. Whether you have a loved one suffering or are suffering yourself this book will truly give you a new insight on addiction and recovery.


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