A Sam McKay Novel

Sampson Angus McKay and his team are back to work: when a friend of Director Copper’s asks for their help in solving the murder of the beloved Annabelle Matheson, the team assumes this cold case will be a simple open and shut matter.

As they investigate, they meet the inscrutable thief Charlotte Whitney, who has a secret just as checkered as her profession. With her reluctant help, the team learns that there is more to the murder than they initially expect, which leads them to William ‘The Redcap’ Finn.

A Redcap: a thieving, malevolent, savage creature that finds pleasure in brutally murdering its victims and claiming blood as its trophy. Sam and his faithful team will face off against the notorious gangster that lives up to his colorful moniker in this second Sam McKay thriller by K.M. Hardy.


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