A Personal Management Guide for a Meaningful Life

Your most important business is the business of You.

Lately, it seems like your work defines your identity. You want to balance the personal and professional elements of your life, but it's a struggle. Your career is thriving-if only you could say the same thing about yourself.

Strategic management helps organizations make better decisions and reorganize for success. The Strategic Business of You applies the same strategies to your personal life, providing a detailed plan for high-achieving professionals like you to maximize your physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial life.

The Strategic Business of You guides you to structure your thoughts to create more balance, well-being, and harmony. Discover how to implement a personalized strategy for managing your three main resources: time, energy, and money. Explore the unprecedented value of embracing each day as a gift. Most importantly, start intentionally investing in yourself as you get serious about the business of living.

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