Three Novellas

Tokyo-ing! is an apt title for this trio of tales that chime with anyone even slightly interested in Asia’s most dynamic metropolis and its glazing of layers – be they cultural, sexual … or taking-wing exuberant.

About Face — An American professor is trophy hunted by a wily student who then boasts of her conquest, sparking a full-blown scandal. Brought to heel in tradition, he fights for his dignity.
Sobering Love — A Japanese career woman is obligated to join after-work drinking sessions with her colleagues, leading to alcohol addiction and deteriorating health. There seems to be no way out, until she meets Frank, a high-octane executive …
Fire Horse — A disillusioned expat musters the courage to break out of an unhappy marriage, then searches for love on Tokyo’s electrifying singles circuit. Can he beat the odds and find a soulmate born under the right star?

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