Think of a hobby that would leave you with valuable possessions. Coin collecting must have crossed your mind. Among all the collections that one can delve into, this is the only collection that is perceived as an investment. Books offer everyday learning experiences and every coin collector needs a coin collecting book in their library.

What makes Coin Collecting books essential is the knowledgeable facts they offer. They have information about coins, coinage, and the history of coinage, mintage figures, and much more.

We strongly feel that these are the top coin collecting books of all time;

Coin Collecting for Beginners, by Isaiah O.D. Lynch

Every coin collector has a start. This book is what anyone who is set on starting a coin collecting hobby should read. It offers substantial information regarding collecting.

Get to find out what you need to do with your collected money if you just got into coin collecting and what you must avoid to ensure that your coin collection does not lose all its value.

This book gives details on how you can begin your coin collection having no previous investment. You know what this means; having nothing at all. It gives pointers using a Six-Point Checklist on the trustworthy coin dealers. One of them is unimaginable. Coin Collecting for Beginners also has 4 key golden rules for you to grow a coin collection through Online and offline auctions without getting disappointed. Scams that a new beginner may fall for such as Shotgun Rolls, Shiny Silver Coins, and others are well illustrated.

As a coin collecting beginner, you will be provided with the tactics and strategies that will allow you to monetize this fun and rewarding activity. There are tips on how you can still make extra money.

A Guidebook of United States Coins 2021, by Jeff Garrett

If you know nothing about US coins, you will find this book greatly useful. This is the ultimate guidebook with an all-rounded input about coins, dollars, their history, and so much more.

Any coin collector will greatly enjoy this book as it has a lot of prudent insights. You will read about; the coin collecting historical background, auction records, and grade by grade values. Additionally, you will find particularized specifications, very clear photographs, and accurate coin minting information.

This Red book will allow you to find how much your coins are worth and their rarity, with information from the early copper tokens of the colonial era to the dazzling and powerful Old West Silver dollars. Read about the thousands of coins, medals, tokens, and various collectible prices.

The articles about investments, coin grading, and counterfeit detection will mold you into a sharp-witted collector. Enjoy the greatly entertaining essays about American coinage, shipwrecks and reserves, and also the contemporary and rare market for coins. This book is not only entertaining, but also extremely informative.

Lincoln Cent Error Coin, by Stan McDonald

Have you been a coin collector for some time now? Do you feel that you have all the knowledge regarding coin errors? Lincoln Cent Error Coin is for you. This book will offer you the knowledge about coins, their errors, and an entire glossary of coin-related terms.

Written by an experienced coin collector of more that five decades, this one is a must-read. What makes Stan's work unique and true is the fact that he has previously attended coin auctions and logged the results. It is this immense amount of information that has led him into writing this book and many others.

This book has immense details related to coins and coinage. Read along and find out the errors and misconceptions associated with coins. To many collectors and coin collecting organizations, the mint striking errors are the errors created during stamping. But is this a fact?

Find out what is regarded as a striking error and what are some of its types; double struck error (which should not be mixed up with doubled dies), multiple struck errors, indent errors, off- center errors, die caps, saddle struck, brockages, and broad struck. For many coins that are in circulation, their doubling is due to the machine and not the die error. Learn more about doubling. Did you know that variations are not technically mint errors? From the early U.S. coinage, there are coin dates with various variations in the appearance, the date size, and a lot more.

Penny Treasure, by Sam Sommer MBA

Get to know about the pennies that are worth money. Find out what errors you need to look for in a penny. Do you know if, or have you ever thought that error and rare coins can be discovered in loose change?

This is the book you need to find and attain penny value from lose change. It appeals to anyone who is drawn to various coin collecting-related activities. The book offers input on the renowned silver and gold coins. There are various things you are not aware of. Find out well-detailed insights for actual coin collection. Are you interested in coin roll hunting? You will be amazed at what you find.

Learn about Indian Head Pennies and shift your thoughts from the commonly known forms of coins. More to all this, this book thoroughly discusses how to make money, gives specific information about working from home, and definitely, overall coin know-how. Which coin collector would not be interested in all this information?

For any metal detecting enthusiast out there, this book is a catch. Aren’t you always looking for coins that are valuable, both silver and gold? There is a special section written for children aspiring to become collectors. It will help you guide them into starting this adventure. Who knows? Maybe, this is what will pay for their future education.


Coin collection books will offer you a lot of insights about the actual activity and other deep details about coins and coinage. If you are an aspiring coin collector or an already established one, the books on this list will provide you with a new point of view.

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