Growing up, I loved teasing my brain, which made me a huge fan of puzzles. It was mostly for fun, but little did I know that I was also improving my intellectual capacity. I remember always wanting to challenge myself, my friends, and my family with puzzles. These were mainly the simple ones.

Years have gone by, but the same thrill still runs deep. I still enjoy giving my brain a real workout, and discovering cryptogram puzzles has been fascinating and illuminating. I love that they offer me a more significant challenge.

Are you like me and have been looking for some cryptogram puzzle fun? If yes, you must get your hands on these cryptogram puzzle books and series. They will stretch your deductive capabilities and substantially sharpen your mind and memory in a fun way.

What Are The Top Cryptogram Puzzle Books and Series?

Mastermind Cryptogram Series, by Synaptic Stimulation Source (2023)

The Mastermind Cryptogram series features four books: Decode the Genius, Unlock the Future, Decipher the Stars, and Puzzle the Paradox.

You will love this entire series, particularly if you like to explore different cryptogram settings and if you want to broaden your intellectual knowledge. All the entries are challenging enough, with various puzzles to solve. They have hints to help you come up with your answers and offer solutions to confirm your accuracy.

The puzzles in Decode the Genius accompany mind-stimulating quotes from Nobel Laureates, making them even more fitting and satisfying. I found the part with the brief history of cryptography very interesting. It is highly beneficial if you are a cryptogram novice.

I also loved how once you solve the puzzles, you don't get a silly or corny saying as a reward, but high-density information and real wisdom. This is an excellent way to keep the high of puzzle solving.

Unlock the Future is generally a journey into the future and what I regard as a “dare to dream” book. The book contains cryptogram puzzles with quotes about innovation, futurism, and technological prudence. With these aspects, this book is a perfect choice, especially if you are a forward thinker or a technology enthusiast.

Decipher the Stars will highly appeal to you if you are into astronomy, space science, or cosmology and enjoy challenging and engaging puzzles. This thought-provoking cryptogram puzzle book is a journey into the celestial expanse and rewards you with an incomparable opportunity to grasp the wisdom of some renowned astronomers.

Out of all the books in this series, the fourth entry, Puzzle the Paradox, is my favorite; I love philosophical quandaries and puzzling mysteries, which is entirely what this book is about. It is a voyage into the heart of reasoning and an excellent opportunity to unravel the complexities of nuanced fallacies and dilemmas through cryptogram puzzles.

Ultimate Cryptograms, Game Nest (2020)

This book has an array of 500 cryptogram puzzles that have been excellently crafted to offer you the perfect blend of fun and wit. Even though the book features hundreds of puzzles, I love that they have been put together with just the right difficulty level with four-letter word clues. You won’t feel too overwhelmed as you work on the puzzles, even the tough-to-crack ones.

The book is large in dimension and print, giving you adequate room to work as you challenge your brain. The puzzles are categorized differently, allowing you to learn about various things- some related and some not.

Some of the settings I especially enjoyed were about history and democracy. If these are your cup of tea, you will be happy to pick this book. It also comes with various quotes related to the specific setting or subject whose codes you need to crack. You will find these to be helpful hints.

You will also appreciate the answers to the puzzles if you need them. These are conveniently put together in the back of the book.

Generally, I feel that this is a well-put-together and exciting book that will keep you occupied regardless of your age or background.

Mind-Bending Cryptogram Puzzle for Mindful Solvers, Och Pat (2023)

Prepare to unravel the hidden parts of the cryptic world with this cryptogram puzzle book. Its captivating and challenging puzzles will appeal to you, young or old, but with the right difficulty level.

The book takes you on a journey through the cryptogram realm while offering you encoded messages and words with hidden meanings for you to decipher. It features 176 puzzles to provide you with a stimulating challenge. These also come with answers to ascertain your ability to crack cryptogram codes.

What caught my attention was the diversity of cryptogram range types- the book features classic memorable substitution ciphers and complex alterations and transpositions for an engaging experience. You will love how each puzzle gives away a cryptic quote or phrase hidden behind a combination of letters waiting for you to unravel the code.

While you delve deeper into the cryptogram world, you will enhance your ability to think logically, sharpen your problem-solving skills, and discover new and more vocabulary. Ultimately, cracking the intricate puzzles will give you a sense of growth and accomplishment.

I highly recommend this book if you are a puzzle enthusiast who prefers learning about some of the most sought-after keywords for popular themes. It is an excellent addition if you like to tease your brain with wordplay, hidden messages, and riddles. It won’t matter whether you are a novice or a seasoned puzzler.

Cryptogram Chronicles, Mindful Memories Press (2023)

This series is for you if you want to marry humor and intellect. It features four books: Life’s Lighter Side, A Jovial Journey, Artful Amusements, and Universal Uproar. Each volume has over three hundred cryptograms to offer you mental stimulation and a hearty chuckle.

What I love about the different volumes is that they all have a structured progression and introduce a fresh theme and witty quotes to sharpen your cognitive skills.

This cerebral celebration series will offer you a delightful escape despite your age. The books come in large print that is visually comfortable to reduce eye strain, and their puzzles have accompanying 3-letter hints.

These books are not just about solving puzzles for entertainment. The quotes and jokes highly resonate in daily life. They excellently expand the horizons of humor, which is why this series is an ideal addition for when you want to unwind.

It celebrates life’s tapestry, and you can pick it up with friends and family to foster cultural touchstones and stronger relationships. With this series, you can be sure to go on a journey of immense joy and grant yourself moments to cherish.

All the books have a perfect balance of brain-boosting challenges and amusement and will be fun whether you are new to the cryptogram game or an experienced puzzler.

1000 Cryptograms Puzzle Book for Adults, Stephen J. Ellis (2022)

If you consider yourself a cryptogram freak, this book is for you. It is the book to get if you do not want to have cryptogram puzzles running out quickly; it is the ultimate collection for enhancing memory and keeping your brain young.

The book is divided into two, with the first featuring cryptogram puzzles alongside various quote categories. Some are motivational, some are inspirational, and others are hilarious. They are all generally about life and are well thought out. I felt that these made the book more enjoyable and relatable.

The second book features puzzles alongside quotes that are centered around American history, famous musicians, presidents, art, literature, athletes, inventors, and science and technology. This wide variety should give you several fields you relate to or enjoy as you challenge your brain.

1000 Cryptograms Puzzle Book for Adults will delight you in so many ways. I like how it has hints and answers. You may rarely need them, but if we are being honest, they are good to have, just in case. The many puzzles will keep you going on and on. They are not boring at all, and you can enjoy them alone or with family and friends.

Large Print Cryptograms, Travis Davis (2023)

Large Print Cryptograms has three book volumes. Each one provides you with an opportunity to crack cryptogram code and disclose the hidden message(s). The books have 500 cryptograms, so you don’t have to worry about not staying engaged for a substantial amount of time.

I like that the collections contain witty quotes, clever wordplay, and humorous moments. You will love the sayings from some historical figures as you tackle the puzzles.

Are you concerned about legibility? There’s no need to worry since all the books in this series have large print, making them easy to read without eye strain.

I have encountered some puzzle books that seem confusing because they have similar-looking letters and minimal working space. However, I appreciate Travis for providing double spaces and having letters appear as they should.

The assortment of puzzles is well balanced, ranging from superficial to medium level and complex. Still, you will appreciate the four hints that are provided for each puzzle at the back of each book, which is especially helpful for the more challenging cryptogram puzzles.

Final Thoughts

Cryptogram puzzles are fun ways to promote cognitive and social development as well as emotional growth. Whether or not you are conversant with cracking cryptogram code, you must try solving the puzzles in the above books. Figuring out the hidden messages will surely give you enough intellectual thrill.

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