I enjoy romantic books like the next guy, but there is more to such books if they talk about other fundamental life issues. My interest grows even further as I yearn to discover what happens afterward. It was during one of my searches that I discovered Emily Henry. I have been hooked to her reads since then.

Who is Emily Henry?

Emily Henry is a contemporary American author of romance and women's fiction. Emily Henry's writing is perfect for hot summer days by the pool. Her books are fun, flirty, and always leave you wanting more.

Emily has been recognized as a New York bestseller, and her books have garnered a massive audience on bookshelves across the globe.

I love that her books reflect a new real world with their well-written plot, fantastic characters, humor, and banter that you cannot stay out of. Chances are you will find yourself being a crying mess.

If you want to join the fans of Emily, these are the must-read Emily Henry books in reverse chronological order.

What are the top Emily Henry Books?

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Happy Place, by Emily Henry (2024)

Through the story of Harriet and Wyn—once a seemingly perfect couple now secretly parted—Henry explores the poignant reality of maintaining facades in the face of lost love. Set against the backdrop of a traditional Maine cottage, this novel is not just about the unraveling of a relationship but also the enduring strength of friendship that often holds us together in our most vulnerable moments.

Personally, I found Happy Place to be an engaging read that balances the humor and heartache of maintaining appearances. I think this novel is a memorable exploration of love-friendship, and the masks we wear.

Book Lovers (2022)

This book is a true reflection of adults' importance of finding and keeping a balance between work and romance.

In the book, we find Nora Stephens, who recently gets dumped by her city life boyfriend, only to decide that quitting on love is the better option. But her younger sister, Libby, encourages her to experience a small-town romance in a quaint town in North Carolina. While there, she constantly runs to her New York city editor, Charlie Lastra, a charming albeit snarky foe. And the rest becomes history. Can the duo find a happy ending in their quest for new love?

You will love the humor and slow burn between Charlie and Nora and the craft Emily uses. But most importantly, you will agree with the message this book advocates for; if you can find the right love, your heart will always be in a better place.

People We Meet on Vacation (2021)

Emily Henry has poured her heart and soul into this book to give lovers or friends turned lovers enthusiasts the best dose. This book is about finding meaningful relationships and doing all you can to make them work.

In the book, Poppy and Alex are long-time best friends. Even though two years ago, their relationship turned out to be a rocky ordeal, they decide to take a seven-day summer vacation. This time, they settle on going to a different location. To find out if these two repair and save their relationship while on vacation, go ahead and start turning the pages.

This book is more than a romantic story. You get to experience all the sensational escapades Poppy and Alex go on. From rafting on the island of Vancouver to the strolls on New Orleans streets to Tuscany, eating and drinking. If traveling is your hobby, you may even find your next destination.

Beach Read (2020)

If you love or enjoy beach scenery, you should pick this one. Beach Read is an Emily Henry book that takes you on a roller-coaster journey of enemies turned into lovers while quenching your thirst for rom-com.

Find out the journey of January and Gus as they learn the art of each other's writing craft. But then these life lessons turn into something more. In this beautiful and enigmatic novel, January and Gus slowly become romantic friends as they navigate the murky waters of grief, trauma, and loss.

The book has rich and diverse themes, just like the characters. Gus's aunt, the owner of a local coffee shop, and January's father's lover, Sonya. Bring a thrill and deep sunshine to this book to make it a fantastic romance novel.

Hello Girls (2019)

This is your go-to-go book if you love a gut-wrenching and raw young adult novel. It narrates the story of young teenage best friends on the verge of escaping their home from an abusive yet controlling father and a brother involved in drugs.

Winona and Lucy are fed up with their situations, and now they have to make a plan to abandon their Michigan hometown and start living in Chicago. They need a stolen vehicle and a total of about three grand. Can they make it?

You will love how Emily captures the heart of young adult lives in this book in a humorous detailed way to make the characters relatable. She also has powerfully articulated family issues about abuse and the often demanding parental needs that make Winona and Lucy want to escape their reality.

When the Sky Fell on Splendor (2019)

This book is a must-read if you are going through grief or loss. Franny is a teenager, but his circumstances have not made anything easier. Everyone seems to have been affected after an explosion at one of Ohio's local steel mills. Franny's brother got severely injured and has been in a coma for half a decade.

As a coping mechanism for this distress, Franny joins a group called, The Ordinary, whose members spend their leisure time uploading content of ghost stories and legends on YouTube. According to them, this silly idea temporarily helps them forget their tragedies.

Emily has excellently captured the intense emotions of grief, and you will like the authenticity of her voice as she transports you into new young adult life.

A Million Junes (2017)

When I picked this book, I loved everything in it. The impeccable writing style infused with solid and heavy emotions of all the characters is one for books.

This story is about family feuds, heritage, and grief surrounding June’s life. The O'Donnells and the Angerts make it their mission to keep off each other due to a long-time rift between the two families.

But when June and Saul Angert meet, the inevitable happens. They work together to reveal the hidden truth about the curse that has been a burden for their families. Marvel as these two fall in love in the process.

The language, mythology, and the ever-alluring Emily Henry's intense feelings on every page will keep you glued till the end.

Inspiring Quotes From Emily Henry Books

When I watch you sleep,” he said shakily, “I feel overwhelmed that you exist.

― Emily Henry, Beach Read

I still have a lot to figure out, but the one thing I know is, wherever you are, that’s where I belong. I’ll never belong anywhere like I belong with you.

― Emily Henry, People We Meet on Vacation

Nora.” He just barely smiles. “You’re in books. Of course you don’t have a life. None of us do. There’s always something too good to read.

Emily Henry, Book Lovers

Final Thoughts on Emily Henry Books

Emily is the queen of love rom-com but also gives you real-life issues to connect with in her books. She has a raw and enticing sense that leaves every stone turned in her book plots. I love how she rhythmically combines words to express and turn the simplest moments into extraordinary events. Grab any of her book titles above to get the nitty-gritty of her craft.

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