In a world covered with drama, romance and action books, a slight change may feel like a breath of fresh air. Western books has been slightly underrated lately, but a few recent releases have brought the genre back in fashion.

What We Love in Western Books?

We all know the stereotype of the gunslinging cowboy in the old west. But what is it about these stories that we love so much? Is it the adventure? The excitement? Or is it something else entirely?

Some of the things we love in Western books and stories are the themes of loyalty and clean romance. We enjoy reading about characters who are true to their friends and family, and we appreciate when authors write stories without explicit sex scenes. We feel that these values are important in our own lives, and it's nice to see them represented in fiction.

For many of us, it's the romance of the west that we can't get enough of. The idea of a land where anything is possible and danger lurks around every corner is irresistible. We're drawn to the characters in these stories, who are often larger than life and always ready for a fight.

But above all, we love these stories because they're just so darned fun. They're packed with action and suspense, and there's always a good dose of humor thrown in. If you're looking for a night of entertainment, you can't go wrong with a western book or story.

All in all, here are some of the best modern western crime books released over the past years.

What Are The Top Western Books To Read?

Friends Lost and Found (Joe Beck Book 7), by C.J. Petit (2022)

In spite of Joe's inclination toward trouble, he is a likable and insightful character known for his photographic memories, his extraordinary capacity to think fast, along with his acute senses.

Joe is only 18 years old and has killed 28 men in self-defense using only 28 bullets. He received the respect special Indian tribes due to his blameless, brave, and heroic actions.

Friends Lost and Found is the seventh book in the series and it is just as action-packed and enjoyable as the first one. If you want to discover a new author in modern western genre C.J. Petit would be a great choice.

A Nanny for the Grumpy Cowboy (Rolston Ranch Brothers Book 1), by (2022)

Not everybody loves rough gun action in westerns but the charming strong guy who will care about you. Well, Drake Rolston may be such a guy, but as everyone he also has dark spots in his life.

Drake is a single dad, a grumpy cowboy and his relationship with Freddie didn't start well at all. The first few times he speaks with Freddie, he is bad-mannered and dismissive. But Freddie acquainted to Teddy, Drake's small, innocent son. When no other potential nannies were going Drakes way, he hired Freddie. Things started fine, until Drake lost his temper over something that happened with Teddy. But the real story starts to unfold from this point.

A Nanny for the Grumpy Cowboy is a contemporary Christian western romance for the lovers of the romantic western genre.

Justice Rides Again (Silent Justice Book 4), by John Deacon (2022)

Justice Rides Again has a classic western story,

Justice and Nora are building a good life on the ranch, but he must be away again for his duty. Reinstated as a silent judge, he vows to balance his two worlds.

This book was simply outstanding! I hope the author continues this dense series. The many gunfights during which he's been incited led his family again and again into danger.

I have read a fair number of John Deacon's works, but I think this series is among the author's best writings.

The Son, by Philipp Meyer (2014)

Philipp Meyer's book covers Eli McCullough's story, a mix between the hero everyone wants and a villain no one likes. The story begins with Eli's unhappy experience as a kid. He is taken hostage by the Comanche without an actual purpose. However, his skill impresses the tribe members and he quickly becomes a member.

With time, he has to get back to white civilization, but things are more difficult than he expected. He has the vision and experience of an old warrior, but he looks like a teenager. His life gets an unusual turn and the story follows it as he decides to take the world over.

The Round House, by Louise Erdrich (2013)

The Round House introduces the reader to Joe Coutts' story – an Ojibwe tribe member who lives in North Dakota. The thirteen year old teenager has a shock as he finds out his mother has been raped and this is when the action begins.

The storyline follows Joe on his quest to find the man who attacked and abused his mother. He wants justice to be made. As the story unveils, the reader is taken through more moods. At times, it is a mysterious crime story. Other times, it underlines a beautiful family portrait.

The Ballad of John Bondi, by Matthew Kruelle (2020)

The wild west is now history, but it seems that northern parts of Arizona still rely on their classic rules. Nothing has changed there. When the local king dies, various tribe members end up searching for his treasure.

In a land covered by deserts, canyons and forests, finding the treasure seems to be an impossible task. However, there are rumors that it might be hidden along Route 66. At this point, the story follows John Bondi, who seems to know where it is. When all the bandits want a piece of it, things get messy.

Texas Outlaw (Rory Yates 2), by James Patterson

Texas Ranger Rory Yates becomes famous when his girlfriend – a popular country singer – writes a song about his actions. However, he manages to recover his quiet times by being transferred to Rio Lobo, a tiny remote town from Texas.

Rory is transferred at another detective's request. She believes a councilwoman has been murdered, yet all clues lead to an accidental death. Rory has to investigate a case that untangles many dirty secrets.

The Sisters Brothers, by Patrick deWitt (2011)

This is one of the best modern western crime books if you want a funny story told in a beautiful way. It tells the story of Charlie and Eli – two assassins on their way to complete a mission from the Commodore.

The Commodore asks them to eliminate Hermann Warm, who apparently stole something. However, the brothers fail to get the whole story. As they try to complete the mission, they reveal many more secrets that they were not aware of.

Final Thoughts on Modern Western Books

Bottom line, these are some of the best modern western crime books released in the last years. Each of them can make a great weekend read in the garden – get ready for some easy action with lots of unexpected surprises.

You may also check our favorite modern western romance, or some women's fiction books.

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